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  1. Several sessions of TCA cross can address this. If you're keen on lasers, you can also give PicoSure a go to help with the hyperpigmentation/marks and acne scars as well.
  2. You have several types of scars that should be addressed individually. Remember, the treatment should adjust to the problem, not the other way around. (Avoid clinics that sell you packages without even a proper check under angled lighting.) Echoing the post above: TCA cross for your ice pick scars and subcision for box scars. These two procedures can be performed in one session as well, ask your specialist. You can have it done maybe 2-3x in your case, each a month apart to allow recovery. Thi
  3. The skin needs both water and a measure of fatty content/sebum on the skin to keep it balanced. Oil and water is different so the plant oils can't really compensate for your skin's dehydration/lack of water. Your priority at this point should be repairing your skin barrier. If you can, try leaving it alone for two weeks or so and just use a mild cleanser. In some cases, the skin can reset itself in time if left alone. Mild Cleanser: Non-foaming (so it free of irritating surfactants), hypoa
  4. You can try a spot treatment that has salicylic acid to help soften the skin and unclog the pore.
  5. AM: Additional sunscreen for last or replace your lotion with a non-comedogenic moisturizer that has at least SPF 30+ PM: Echoing the post above, a night lotion or cream would be good. These are usually heavy though as they're usually full of minerals that help the skin regenerate. If you have oily skin, make sure to choose one that's lightweight and non-comedogenic as well. Good luck!
  6. Obagi Hydrate should be a great fit, though it's quite on the higher end. For a more affordable alternative, you can try CeraVe AM or Elta MD. Here's a good selection of other products to check. Ideally though, it's best to have a separate sunscreen to get solid sun protection. Combined formulations can be compromising in some ways. But of course, not everyone can set aside time for a routine (if you choose to have them separately, you'll need to wait for the moisturizer to absorb for around