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  1. I'm 16, from Canada, I'm taking 40mg a day, and he's aware that when my acne on my face was worse that it bothered me. Awhile ago I did feel really down for a large period of time, and I think depressed would be a good way to have summed it up, but I never got diagnosed with it and I told few people how I was feeling so I felt uncomfortable telling my derm that I've suffered from depression, so when he asked I said no. I was not suicidal, never diagnosed with depression, and I feel like I've got
  2. I just started accutane but I'm starting to contemplate wether or not it was a good idea. I have pretty mild acne on my face, but I have it pretty bad on my chest, back, neck, and even my arms. I'd definitely like to be clear, but my face never bothers me too much anymore, and there aren't many scenarios where I take off my shirt anyways. However, the doctor recommended it to me for my chest and back, so I started. However, this would mean I'd have to stop using BenzaClin while I'm using accutan