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  1. How long after I stop taking Accutane can I start tanning or get good amounts of sunlight?
  2. I really don't know, my derm said its ok to get natural sunlight tanning, but i doubt tanning beds can be good. I do notice though, that i tan a hell of a lot quicker now that i'm on accutane. Yesterday I went outside for 30 minutes and today people were asking me if I went tanning last night.I'm going to a trip to Atlanta in the end of June, and I have no idea how I will get tan for that trip, and if I might die on that trip
  3. Well, I have been on 40mg of Accutane since Feb., and I'm on my 4th month. I have a trip to Atlanta on June 26th for a week, and I was wondering if it would be safe to go tanning to prepare for Atlanta. My derm said natural tanning under the sun won't bother you, but he never mentioned tanning in a tanning bed. Advice?
  4. I recently have been getting dry eyes from Accutane. I can't look up when walking or I look like I'm crying.
  5. HAH!! I had little patches of this all over my arms and people in my school thought it was an AIDS rash!! lol those were funny times. BUT..what was wierd was someone was joking about it, so I touched them with one of the little rash things, and about 2 horus later, she had the same rash in the same spot where I touched her..I FREAKED OUT !! I ACTUALLY THOUGHT I HAD AIDS!!! A good non-scented lotion like Eucerin rid of my "rashes"
  6. I used to do this before Accutane. I would numb the cyst a bit with ice, boil the needle and sterilize it with alcohol. Then after I popped it, I would gently squeeze till the puss stopped coming out, then put a thick coat of Proactiv Refining Sulf Mask on it, the next morning, pimple was gone without a mark of it ever being there!!
  7. I had blackheads on my nose too, pretty much 50 times worse than viter. My solution was Accutane, after 1 month, all blackheads and pimples were gone!! My nose actually looks good now!!
  8. What a great goal!! I can't wait to go sun tanning again!! I look like a ghost. The picking part is hard for me too...but the rubber band idea is awesome.
  9. Good observation, I sleep on my right side and my right cheek is always worse!! What a smart cookie!! Anyways, I think your regimen is fine JukeTy5, but I'm guessing that Pergasil-10 BP stuff is 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. For some people, 10% is too extreme, maybe try 5% or 2.5%. For me, 10% is too much, I am always switching between 5% and 2.5% BP of the Proactiv Repairing Lotion, and I keep myself acne free!! But do not think about incorporating all of Proactiv's products, because once you stop usi
  10. Well, I just finished Accutane, it was a blast!! I had oily skin, so the dry skin was a godsend! Anyways, here are some tips for people thinking about getting Accutane: -Make sure you pick up some Saline Nasal Spray before starting, if you are like many, a little crack of the nose can give you a touch of a nose bleed. Spraying in both nostrils 2 times in the morning and night, will prevent dry nasal passages and nosebleeds. -Eyedrops are optional, mine were fine the first month but got super
  11. For treatment, I suggest going to a dermatologist, they always have different treatments. But please try a lot of things before going to Accutane
  12. I used to know what you mean. A while ago, a derm gave me this sulfur cream with some dumb tint he had pharmacsit put in it. Anyways, I put it on, and went out sledding for like 10 minutes, and I came back in for ten minutes because I could feel my faces tingly wierdly....I look in the mirror, and my face was sooo red and looked sunburnt, it stayed like that for a couple days. It was some type of reaction with cold wind and sulfur.