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  1. currently using claravis, but it did not say generic, it said brand name... go figure. I guess, so far, so good, just dry
  2. That is awesome that you have cleared so well, but The usual prescription advice is to complete your dosage even if you feel better or notice improvement. Your derm will be able to best advise you, especially if he/she has a specific time frame for you to be on accutane. I am waiting to start accutane and my derm advised me that I will be on it for 6 months. Talk to your derm. ;)
  3. i am on retin a micro, and I am "thinly" peeling all over where I have applied the retin a micro... any ideas why?
  4. I peel from missing a day as well. I haven't missed a day in almost a week and my skin is "thinly" peeling??? not sure what that is about and my skin seems "deeper" in some areas??? I am waiting for accutane... appt is Nov. 27.