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  1. Irony is when you open a topic to describe irony, but it contains no irony.
  2. Bananas are are higher on the glycemic index level (higher in carbohydrates) than fruits such as grapes and apples. I don't think cutting them out will cure your acne unless you are very lucky but it might help. Do you all know about not eating fruits with other foods?
  3. I have acne in exactly the same place (it looks like you dribbled acne) I hardly ever gets spots on my forehead, never on my cheak (well 1 now but its so small and its the first one ever). I was on antibiotics but, whilst virtually clearing me - i think they messed me up a litte. 2 months after I came off I have been breaking out like mad and its very depressing. I am going to start the regimen as soon as I can get my hands on some Quinoderm. On picking and squeezing - vinegar is an exfolia
  4. I ordered the Urban Rights moisteriser off The Urban Rites Website. It was about a fiver inc p&p. I think its quite good. I have heard that using Brevoxyl is like "using a blowtorch on your face". I have some too, got it on prescription. Been using it to no success for about 2 years, but not in the way Dan suggests. I am going to buy some Quinoderm as soon as I find myself in Boots again I think and start a modified regimen. My skin is baaaaad at the minute.
  5. Ok, I'll take your advice and go with the Quinoderm. I was so close to buying Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5% the other day as well, cheers!
  6. I have only just started using the Urban Rites moisteriser - but yeah it seems very good - not too greasy and doesn't turn my skin red! I also have the visibly pore refinsing moisteriser but I am not sure about that - its got retinol in it and stuff (not 100% sure you should be using it at the same time as BP) and it seems to highlight my spots making everything look blotchy and red, rather just stick with a straight moisteriser, also - yes its VERY expensive. (I also have Aloe Vera Moisterise
  7. I thought the PanOxyl Aquagel was supposed to be less irritating thatn the Quinoderm 5. The AQUAgel has no alcohol in it right? But the ACNEgel does?
  8. I smoked a lot (for me) during my last uni term, it was almost every night for the last three weeks of it. At at the end my skin was clear! Since them I have come home (where I don't smoke) and started a full time job, after a week I was breaking out and it still isn't under control (been working for 2 months). I put it down to stress and sleep. When I smoke I can drop on in 5 minutes and I sleep really well. When I don't it can take hours and I sleep uneasily and sometimes wake up, + I am
  9. I might be wrong here but I'm not sure you should be using the Pore Refining Moisteriser and the BP together. That moisteriser has Retinol in it and I think this reacts with BP. Nothing too serious, I think the just BP negates the effect of the Retinol or something, can someone clear this up? Also, the NPRM says not to be used on extremely sensitive skin on the side, and that if you experience irritation - to use less, so using too much can actually irritate your skin which is the opposite of