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  1. Research SkinTE, I also have very bad acne scars in my back so I can understand how tough it is to deal with them I got really bad acne like this but more spread out and some in my shoulders. Haven’t found anything about them. I’m okay football and can’t take off my dirt because of them so I know how it is to have them.
  2. I’m a 16 year old and I play football. I can’t off my shirt because of my scars on my chest shoulders and back. I was 13 Year’s old when I started getting acne on my back and I thought it was nothing you know. Then it got really bad and I didn’t want to tell anyone cause I thought it would just go away. It just kept getting worst and then it went to my face and chest. Then I was like damn i fu&ked up. I still didn’t want to show anyone my chest and back so I kept it from my parent until they
  3. Me too. I play football and can’t take off my shirt cause I have keloids, little dark spots, and holes on my back. I would do anything to make them go away but I’ve been trying this cream and it’s working but I want more results. I’m scared of what people think about if they see my back. Keeps me from doing anything intimate. Hope your doing good