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  1. GinaKB

    Can't live without

    Can't live without

    This little beauty is amazing for drying out spots, and it's even better as an antiseptic for a post-popped spot. Typically if you pop a zit, there's the danger of it coming back bigger than ever, or getting all scabby. Using this immediately after I've cleaned out the pore stops infection and dries it out mildly so it heals quicker. Also discovered that it's great to use over any razor-knicks or ingrown hairs. Granted it stings, but that just means it's working!
  2. I read a while back about mixing Talc with a bit of water to make a paste, apply it to spots and it dries them out. Gave it a try, loved it. So I decided to get creative! I bought some of cuticura’s mildly medicated talc (works wonders for itchy skin), and decided to mix it with other things to create a paste. Here are the best results so far! 1. Mix the powder with one or two drops of whiskey. Yup, whiskey. Not only is the alcohol great for drying up healing zits, but if you have nasty throb
  3. GinaKB

    Took me by surprise!

    Took me by surprise!

    My skin is combination. Hormonal acne across my jaw and chin, dry yet oily skin across my t-zone, and sensitive as hell. After an embarrassing encounter with Veet hair removal cream on my chin which resulted in a nasty burnt dry patch, I grabbed this stuff and slathered it on my chin, then decided to slap some on my other dry areas, aka my nose, mouth and forehead. After 15 mins I figured I'd made a huge mistake, my face looked slimy and I could literally envision my pores filling up with gunge.
  4. About 3 weeks ago, I suffered from an absolutely EVIL tooth abscess. My entire right cheek/jaw was puffed up, and I could barely touch it without bursting into tears. What’s this got to do with acne? I learned how much of a difference not squeezing and picking at my spots made!! I was still merrily squeezing away at the spots and blackheads on the right side of my face, but the left was an excruciating no-go for a good week. And wow, the difference in both sides of my fave was astounding. The
  5. GinaKB

    The Saltwater effect!

    Earlier I posted a blog about the joys of using no water. However, I missed a vital water-included step. Yup, I’m a massive hypocrite. My bad. But hear me out! One of my experiments from way back when was mixing equal parts salt and water and washing my face with it. While it was ok, at the time it only mildly helped. However I’ve found that putting some in a spray bottle and using it here-and-there can also work wonders. One of my favourite tricks is during a nice hot shower/bath/facial steam
  6. GinaKB

    No water experiment!

    So during a lazy period, I decided to try the “no water” thing. I’m not referring to the caveman regimen, which FYI, did my skin no favours. I mean using other products to clean my face. So my skin is insanely combination. As in it’s greasy AND dry at the same time (Wtf??!), blackheads, former acne scars, whiteheads, cysts, you get the idea. In the beginning I thought I’d use face washes. Dove Soap, acne washes, you name it. I figured, if it dries out my skin, it’ll dry out my spots right? Wrong
  7. GinaKB

    Ah Tea Tree oil

    Ah Tea Tree oil

    I had a difficult and somewhat traumatic history with tea tree oil. When I was 15, covered in rancid hormonal acne, our family doctor recommended tea tree. He was convinced it was the miracle I was searching for. Bought a bottle, and as instructed applied neat directly to affected areas (which meant most of my face). Oh sweet merciful Zeus was that a mistake. Within minutes my face was on fire. I decided to tough it out overnight. By morning my face was raging and I had literal sores on my face
  8. Bit fat disappointment for me!

    Was so hopeful this would work. I loved how it didn't have loads of ingredients in it, and when I saw in a magazine that Eva Green used this (she of the perfect porcelain skin), I was like whoop!! Skin heaven here I come. Nope. Nope. Nope. I used it for a week and it broke me out all over my forehead and nose, where I never usually get zits! I hoped this was just a purge spell, but after three weeks I couldn't take the nasty itchy bumps that had gradually spread across my face which took weeks
  9. First off, I’d like to say well done for genuinely trying to help your daughter. When I was young I’d get the standard “You’ll grow out of it” from my parents. Oh how wrong they were! Now for scrubbing. I’ve had acne for years, on my face, chest, back, even my butt (cringe). I will say the two key things are find the right scrub, and don’t go to excess. I was so desperate to get rid of my acne i ferociously scrubbed every day and did more harm than good. For me, I either use St. Ives, or a h