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  1. Hi Karolinac, Antibiotics will help you in the short term, so continue taking them for now, but start adding things into your skincare routine. Personally, after I stopped taking antibiotics, my acne got worse because the issue was not bacteria. If you can go back to your dermatologist, ask them to prescribe you Antibiotic Wipes (i.e clindamyacin pledgettes). It will help reduce the acne you have. In my opinion, it looks like you don't have too many breakouts and have more scarring/hyperpigme
  2. Great supplement for better skin

    Okay, so this will totally not clear your skin. However, I'm not just looking for clear skin, I want clear, beautiful, radiant skin! B12 is an important vitamin for cellular regeneration, including skin turnover, and deficiencies in B12 are extremely common. Like I said, it doesn't clear my skin, but it has helped my PIH and general redness. Disclaimer: I suffer from anemia, so I love B12 because it also helps with energy.
  3. Will not prevent acne, will reduce pain

    I didn't use this to prevent acne. I used straight clove oil when I had a really painful cyst. It reduces the pain and inflammation considerably! Doesn't irritate the skin or cause acne. Don't use a carrier oil or mix with lotion, just dab some on a q-tip and apply.
  4. Absolute no change in skin

    My skin did not improve or become clearer at all. I was on Minocycline for over a year...wtf that's so not healthy. I don't recommend.
  5. Wasn't for me

    First, you skin definitely needs time to get used to this. I strongly suggest only using Epiduo every three nights for the first month. *tip* My dermatologist told me to mix a pea size amount in with my CeraVe face moisturizer because of my sensitive skin, I barely had any irritation. Still, this will definitely dry out your skin. After about four months, I really started seeing results. I was so excited. Then, after about six months, my acne came back worse then ever before. I'm not sure if s
  6. Great Fixer

    For me, this was not enough to prevent acne--nor do I think it's the purpose of the product--but it did a great job of clearing up existing acne without scarring. This product is super easy to use and didn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  7. Not for hormonal acne or dry/sensitive skin

    I was prescribed Duac by my first dermatologist. He never bothered to ask me any questions or give a serious look to my skin. The percentage was way too high for someone with sensitive skin. I immediately got chemical burns which took months to heal.
  8. Game Changer for Hormonal Acne

    I have tried almost every type of acne treatment there is out there. Spironolactone is the only thing that made a real difference. Not only do I rarely have acne, but when I get a spot it goes away quickly! It's important that your dermatologist starts you off on a low dose. I started with 25 mg. Then went to 25 mg twice a day. Then 50 mg twice a day. You should be drinking a lot of water while on this--I drink like four liters a day. I personally didn't have any side effects besides having to
  9. Amazing Multitasker

    This mask will give you the most "bang for your buck." Although the jar says to mix the clay with either water or apple cider vinegar, there's so many things you can do with the clay! Of course the original and the ACV blends are great, but here are my other favorite mixtures. -Aztec Secret clay, activated charcoal, water -Aztec Secret clay, pink clay, water -Aztec Secret clay, turmeric, water -Aztec Secret Clay, rosewater -Aztec Secret Clay, ACV, sweet almond oil
  10. Hi GoodCellar, Hyaluronic acid is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores. Unless you happen to be allergic to hyaluronic acid, it isn't the thing making your break outs worse. However, I'm a little bit confused. Would you mind clarifying if you are using the derma roller?
  11. Hi, Of the two you listed, I would suggest the top/first one. It has a physical sunscreen which is less likely to irritate your skin. Additionally, the second one has Dimethicone. If used regularly, dimethicone will clog your pores.
  12. Hi C Morr, I suggest using a really good primer before applying liquid foundation with a dewy finish. I have dry/sensitive acne prone skin and experience dry patches regularly. Dimethicone based primers like the classic Smashbox Photo Finish will work well to prevent dry patches, a drugstore dupe is the monist ate chafing gel. The Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer and the Elf HD Mattifying Balm Primer also work really well for me! As far as foundations, L'oreal True Match Lumi, Maybelline Fi
  13. Hi FinallyCured, I'm 23 and have been living/loving/consuming gluten my whole life. I have also had acne since puberty. I've tried almost everything when it comes to acne treatment, even some of the pricier options. A few years ago, I finally found an amazing dermatologist who diagnosed me with hormonal acne. I started taking spironolactone, B12, iron, and zinc--I was also diagnosed with a type of anemia. Things were getting better, but my skin was still not completely clear. Last spring,
  14. Hi Camilla, First, I'd like to say that my acne experiences have been very similar to yours. However, as everyone is different, absolutely make sure you talk to a doctor before making any decisions. Using a hormonal birth control will help regulate your period and can help reduce acne. Make sure your birth control is prescribed from an OB/GYN because they will have the best recommendations for YOUR body. Personally, I tried a variety of different birth control pills until I found one that
  15. Hi Adnan, In my experience, oral antibiotics don't have any effect on PIH. Continue using the benzoyl peroxide, the exfoliate should help with the PIH over time (granted it will take a long time). PIH can take longer to get rid of than acne. I haven't experienced folliculitis, but going to a dermatologist is always a great idea. My dermatologist used light therapy for my PIH. I recommend using redness relieving products, Eucerin and Aveeno are my favorite drugstore options but Clinique, Sh