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  1. In my experience AHA peels fade red marks better than salicylic acid peels.
  2. I don't know about Green Cream but MaMa Lotion is wonderful for me. My breakout is less and red marks are pretty much gone. It has closed up some enlarged pores for me also and my face texture is much smoother and clearer.
  3. I'd use BP in AM and the glycolic in PM. I've used them that way without any issues.
  4. MaMa Lotion is awesome. It lightened my hyperpigmented marks very fast and significantly reduced blemishes. My breakouts are also less and skin is less oily, and blackheads got pushed to the surface. My face feels a lot smoother and even colored. If you're still on the fence, order samples first. One sample lasted me 3 weeks. I got them on eBay here http://cgi.ebay.com/MaMa-Lotion-2-TRIAL-SA...ksid=p1638.m118
  5. MaMa Lotion rocks! It works even for my red marks that were there for almost a year.
  6. Obaji has a very good one but I've heard its very strong stuff. Prescription gives you a higher % of the hydroquinone.
  7. MaMa Lotion makes my marks vanish very fast.
  8. I didn't use them together. Sounds a lot to me using together. They helped fade marks and keep skin clear.
  9. MaMa lotion has helped my red marks a lot. The scars faded a lot within a month. Get some samples on eBay. That's how I got started. It works faster than many other stuff I've tried.