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  1. has anyone used this stuff yet, they said it worked better than proactive, has anyone used it??
  2. i have some dry skin and i would like some well known good moisturizers that i can buy over the counter to help my dry skin
  3. what is the best over the counter moisturizer, i got some dry skin and need to keep in tact, any posts about good well known moisturizers are greatly appreciated.. ty
  4. what is the best over the counter moisturizer? i need something to get my dry skin in tact, please any help would br awsome
  5. should i apply my jojoba oil to a wet or dry face
  6. NO. Ninjas don't talk or do such things!!!!!

  7. Most of you reading this have read a majority of previous posts in different threads and such, and we wonder why were so stressed out, because to many people come up with dumb ideas that never work, if i were to follow some of the regimens i see here, id be a very skinny, pale, dried up fool, lifes to short to sit here and mess around with lame regimens, some work, 90 % dont, wash ur face, dry it, move on, acnes not a big deal at all, live ur life in a wheelchair, or no arms, or live deaf
  8. if i add the jojoba oil to my moisturizer, should i apply it to a wet or dry face? someone please answer, whenever i ask, no one responds, plz??
  9. Hey i recently got some jojoba oil and was wondering when i should apply it? and also how? any help would be soo greatly appreciated could someone just please help...
  10. yea im using a BP wash and my face gets mad dry, (along with a solodyn pill) but thats it. just add the oil to my moistuire? ty in advance, honestly ty
  11. No one can still answer this question, do i use the jojoba oil alone? or do i mix it with my moisturizer? do i apply it to a wet or dry face, and do i wash it off afterwards? plzzzz help ty tyty
  12. I heard alot about this oil and how it helps dry skin, and i currently use neutragena oil free stuff, should i mix the jojoba oil with my current moiusture? or just use one? and if so, how much jojoba oil should i use? thanks in advance!!
  13. im going to be getting this jojoba oil i heard of the help my dry skin, but how much should i add to my moisturizer? ( i use neutragena oil free stuff) please anyone who used it or knows just fill me in