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  1. Update on how my skin is doing. I've done a total of 5 microneedling sessions now. I started off at .75 and have made my way up to 2.00 on the derminator. I'm not sure if I see much of a difference besides Hyperpigmentaion?
  2. Here's another update! Makeup on under fluorescent lights
  3. Here are some updated pics of how my skin looks with makeup on.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4-Klan_cHWe5m0GTx1zhQ Hey guys so I started a YouTube channel of my scarring. It's not very good lol but I've used the derminator twice now and have footage of what my skin currently looks like. I'll try and take some pictures this week and upload some on here as well!
  5. @beautifulambition gotcha! Thank you so much for your help. Would working with 1.5mm be good? I do plan on clearing my skin before starting anything. @Anish004 I understand but it's all subjective. We're our harshest critic and I get that people have it worse but scarring, no matter how minor, is traumatizing. I'd be happier if I didnt have them at all so any little improvement I can make, I'll do! Thank you for your input, it does help put things into perspective. I'd get subcision done if I
  6. So I recently bought the derminator and am currently waiting for it to ship out to me. With my type of scarring would you recommend for me to alternate between this and peels?
  7. If I clear up my acne should I still only spot treat? Would tca be the best choice for the type of scarring I have. I know it's different for everyone but would the best results if any come from tca because glycolic is too mild?
  8. Question: i bought a glycolic acid peel kit from eBay 70% or something like that. Obviously I would never start off with this percentage but by diluting it and if I gradually build this up would it help with my type of scarring? Or would it make things worse?
  9. apple cider vinegar. I treated my skin with mederma before but it gives me really small bumps and I don't know if it's an initial breakout but it freaks me out enough to stop. I also thought mederma wouldn't work on indents?
  10. I've been treating my skin with rosehip oil and msm cream for about a month now and using diluted acv for 2 weeks. I've gotten a recent break out from stress and hormones but maybe from the acv as well? Do my scars look to be any different? I wanted to treat my skin with natural remedies before trying anything that would be more costly but it's hard to see change when I'm checking my skin constantly.
  11. I've finally gotten my skin clear enough to start working on my scars. I was wondering if anyone could help me best identify the type of scars I have and what my best treatment would be for these kinds. Also any naturalistic approach would be very helpful, I don't have the money to do lots of treatments. Some of these pics are my scars under makeup and some are without