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  1. epiduo is vitamin a, so it won't cause change immediately. It's going to take some time since it exfoliates the skin. just wait it out, and if you see no improvement, consult your derm and ask them more on lasering or if there are any other options
  2. Update if anybody wants to know...: went to the derm finally and they did some blood tests but i just got some acne i guess they didnt say what i had. They prescribed me with clindamycin .1% (mix that with benzol peroxide 2.5%) and tretinoin .025% cream. im barely gonna start it so ill update progress on here.... if anybody even reads this lol Edit: 3/29/18 soo i had a mini purge i guess (3 really red pimples on my left cheek but they went away quickly with tretinoin... now i have some pigmen
  3. i have the same problem! my doctor said it could be from salicylic acid/benzol peroxide since it can cause photo sensitivity. im not sure thats true because i stopped using it and i still have redness.
  4. it's probably irritated, make sure to moisturize after applying benzol peroxide or else it could burn your skin. i burned my skin with 10% benzol peroxide and it left a red mark. it started to peel off later but it was really terrible. learned my lesson
  5. ive been on a long journey with acne, which has been jumping around in parts of my face randomly it seems. Im 17 and ive first started seeing redness on my cheeks when i started conditioning for swimming last august. The unusual part was that my face felt sensitive, like I was being affected by the chlorine (i did waterpolo in april and I wasn't affected at all). My skin felt really dry, sometimes like it would crack and fall off, especially on my cheeks and chin so I decided to buy moisturizer
  6. those look like acne scars (the ones that leave indents on your skin). make sure not to pop pimples