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  1. The idea maybe is to kill the bacteria... I use Dial anti-bacterial soap on my body (chest and neck) and I will only rarely get a pimple there. I wouldn't use it on my face though, that seems like it would cause a lot more problems than it would solve. He needs to be using a soapless non-medicated cleanser and some sort of medicine to treat the acne.
  2. yeah, the thing about making a big ugly scene in the grocery store was just hilarious but this is way over the top. stupid young punks!
  3. you sir are a petty moron there are better ways to retaliate than destroying someone's property i hope you get caught
  4. Hey guys don't despair... I'm in a class at 8 AM which lasts three hours and is very small, which also requires close face to face interaction with the teacher and other students... it's an emergency medical techniques class, and if I want to be certified as an EMT for this summer, I can't miss more than 2 days out of 16 weeks! Not to mention the blindingly bright fluorescent lights which assault my eyes every morning when I drag in to class. I have only missed one session and that was due to a
  5. I know that you say that bums don't have acne, but I think that you are probably thinking about older bums. I once saw the most horrific looking guy in the entire world walking down the streets of a nearby city, and he couldn't have been any more than 25 years old. It was obvious he was homeless and was a drug addict as well, probably heroin or methamphetamine (something that makes you lose all respect for yourself). This fellow had huge red welts all over his face, a mouthful of crooked rotting
  6. Indeed, the most pointlessly overblown thread to ever exist lives on
  7. I'll bet you more than half of the posters in these forums will swear that drinking alcohol has no effect on their skin. I on the other hand practically always break out after drinking. The current state of my skin is testament to this (damn spring break!). But I don't disbelieve that it has no effect on others because everyone's physiology is different.
  8. you should definitely use some antibiotics after you pop a zit to keep it from getting reinfected. i never tried the aloe vera, but it might reduce redness, who knows.
  9. how would it be possible to know? the animals are by definition, wild and thus do not come into close contact with humans. so unless you're steve erwin or someone like that, you probably have never gotten close enough to see a pimple on a baboon's arse