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  1. hayleymjones

    Day 20

    I tend to forget to update regularly haha but it’s now day 20 and the joint pain... oh my word it’s been killing me. Well it’s not actually that bad, it’s just noticeable and annoying. I can feel when I’m about to experience joint pain and it doesn’t last long but it’s definitely unpleasant. I think I’ve been getting dry lips, I’m not sure because I’ve always used lip balm even when I didn’t have dry lips but lately I’ve noticed the lip balm sinking in instead of sitting on top of my lips. I’ve
  2. hayleymjones

    Day 13

    So it’s almost been two weeks and I don’t have dry lips, skin, or hair but my nose does get dry occasionally and my mouth is always dry in the morning. I’ve been experiencing a bit of joint pain as well but nothing intolerable. It’s just there and it’s noticeable especially when I stand for a long time but it doesn’t bother me. I think my IB has just started because I’ve been getting two new cysts everyday and it’s not fun but hopefully it’ll get better soon. This is a very dull update but that’
  3. hayleymjones

    Day 8

    Hey hey, sorry for the lack of updates but nothing has happened so far so there was no need for one haha but I will share what I’m experiencing so far. I have not had dry lips or dry skin yet, if I do have dry lips or skin, I haven’t noticed because I have always moisturised my skin and lips thoroughly. The only thing I have to say is that I’ve been feeling really lethargic the past few days but I don’t know if it’s the medication or the lack of sleep. Acne wise- basically the same. Nothing to r
  4. hayleymjones

    Day 2

    So I thought I should give some background. I’ve had acne for 6 or 7 years (I lost count ages ago) and I felt absolutely awful about it. There’s something people without acne won’t understand about having acne and I won’t try to explain because it wouldn’t make sense without experience. The people close to me would always tell me to wash my face, go to bed, drink water and eat my greens and everything would be fine but we all know that won’t work. Long story short, I went to a dermatologist and