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  1. Hi, I've just completed 4 treatments and had the scars from 15-20 years. The doctor that evaluated my face was honest. He said 10 treatments. I had ice pick, rolling, and box scars. No way do I think that you will be scar free with 3 treatments. I think that I have about 50-60% improvement. Some scars disappeared while others improved. I don't regret having the treatments, but yes the treatments are expensive so I had to stop. I also broke out during the treatments and got 2 huge cysts even
  2. Hi, I had Fraxel last Friday. Are you doing Fraxel 1 or Fraxel 2? I'm on my 4th treatment and very pleased with the results.
  3. I just had a Fraxel treatment and I had a cyst on my cheek (I've had it for almost 2 months). She just went over it with the laser. She said it was no big deal.
  4. I just had the Fraxel 2 done on Friday and No blue dye. Make sure that you are getting the Fraxel 2 and NOT Fraxel 1. There is a difference between both machines. Fraxel 2 goes deeper and people see better results with the Fraxel 2.
  5. I had fraxel too, and I'm dark skinned. I have noticed that the texture of my skin looking different, but I can't really seem to explain what it is, this is just on my lower cheeks. Maybe kind of what you are saying, but it's not scarring. I haven't really tried pushing up the skin like you have. I don't think it's pigmentation problems, but I do have to look really hard to see this and there has to be bright light. I'm guessing it's the collagen doing something to my face. I do stay out of th
  6. I see a doctor in Mt. View who uses Fraxel 2. I'm very happy with my results. His name is Dr. Morganroth with CA Skin Institute. The phone number is 650-969-5600. They have monthly seminars where you can buy a package of 4 treatments. I paid $3,400 for the package. I don't care for the doctor since his exam was so fast and he didn't explain much. The nurse who does the procedure is excellent and caring. Her name is Naz.
  7. I don't know what F III & FIV skin tones are, but my skin color is the color of Jennifer Lopez. I've had three Fraxels with no pigmentation problems. I had the Fraxel 2. I was prescribed a bleaching cream to use during the treatments, but I only use the cream a week before and a week after each treatment. I do make it a point to stay out of the sun completely for about the first 2 weeks. After that, I make sure I wear a hat that blocks the sun out. I also use a sun screen. Also, the nurse do
  8. Hi jay7, One of the other reasons that you might not be getting the improvement you want is because you need at least 8 passes or more. I read one of your posts and it said you only got 4 passes on your treatment. And yes, sleep is very important. Sometimes I can't sleep either, but what really helps me is Unisom. I cut the pill in half or sometimes in a quarter. I try to limit myself on doing this and do this no more than twice a week. I think sleep and exercise are really important. Hopefull
  9. I bought this and it did nothing for my scars. My face does feel refreshed after I use it.
  10. I peel only only around my chin and around the 3rd and 4th days. I swelled on all three treatments, but mostly on the third treatment. Settings were higher and they did more passes.