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  1. I have given up on all acne medications and skin products. BP was effective however i cannot deal with the redness itchyness and dryness. this past week i have decided to tan twice a week in a tanning salon for 9 minutes each time standing up in a booth! not only does it clear up my face it also gives me a mental high, i have found that everytime i finish im in an extremely happy mood, right now the weather is horrible in england obviously! cold grey miserable nights!!! Im just inlove with ta
  2. I use PanOxyl 2.5 bp. the stuff burns my face and my skin is very sensitive to it, it goes extremely red and i have been using it for about 4 months, will this have the same side effects?
  3. Hey vince your at university.. your lucky many people would give their right arm to have that chance of achievement! hang in there matey! i wish you all the best!
  4. A small part of my face has turned yellow from BP gel, and has gone slighly moist. Has this ever happened? im pretty worried.
  5. ok this has never happened to me before, for the past 2 months ive been getting whiteheads on the left side of my mouth constantly, also i can constantly see them forming, im talking like 2-3 big whitehead very close together. I use BP gel but it doesnt seem to affect whiteheads, is there anything in particular that causes whiteheads can they be stopped? thanks.
  6. well i just wash my face in the morning with regular soap... the moisturiser i use is NIVEA visage with shea butter and vitamin E... but i only use the moisturiser every couple of days... whilst i use bp every single day.
  7. still my skin peels... and last night it was itching so badly...BP works great on my acne.. but whats going wrong?
  8. ive been on bp gel for about a week now.. ive noticed it works well on my face with acne, but on my chin im getting alot of breakouts, of little white individual spots, should i continue with bp gel????
  9. hi this is my first post here... ive had very light acne for the past couple of years, but to be honest its shattering my self esteem and confidence, day by day my confidence level is going down.. ive tried alot of products and none seem to work... the only thing ive noticed thats helped is when Im on holiday my spots seem to clear. So (not my decision lol) my mom has decided to rent a sunbed for a certain amount of time... I know this will obviously act on my face, but the my question to you i