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  1. Thanks everyone! is there any big differences between an eletric razor and dual blade razor (which dan seems to recommend?) I use an electric razor because I don't grow that much hair as in moustache and beard. I thought blade were more for ppl who really grew out bears/moustaches...
  2. Hey Guys So I shave everyday to keep myself clean shaved. I use one of those electrical razors, not the manual kind. Anyways, recently I've been having trouble as I keep getting acne on my upper lip (moustache area) and I think it's because of my shaving. Are there any tips to prevent this??
  3. When I look at girls (in person, TV, mags etc), I always think they have clear skin, but sometimes when I look closely, you can see they clearly have bumps, but the colour of it is similar to their skin hence it's not obvious. So I found out that you ladies use something called "cover up" and there's the powder form or foundation (liquid) form. I was wondering if there're cover up for men?? I mean, are those cover ups for women SPECIFICALLY for women, or can men use them too? Also, I'd rather
  4. I thought that diet had nothing, or very little to do with acne. I have been doin well with DKR as of late actually. Almost no pimple for a month i think. Anyhow, I started eating fast food recently as i've been very busy lately, so I haven't been able to cook/eat well. (I didn't eat fastfood almost for like half a year before until now) Once I started eating fast food again (only like a week), I started getting one pimple, and then there seems to be red spots coming up already. So do you guy
  5. So I was thinking to myself. I have PRETTY clear skin. I rarely have active acne, only lil bumps. So my question is, if I want a regimen where it's just PREVENTING acne and not FIGHTING acne. Can I just use the cleanser and not BP? So if my daily day/evening regimen was: 1) Cleanser 2) Moisturizer Willl that be ok? I mean the cleanser is another part of the regimen which actually CLEANS your face right? It's not only the BP that helps fight acne, but I'm sure the cleanser does it to some deg
  6. Isn't the tube like REALLY small compared to DKR's BP??
  7. Can you apply that to your whole face just like DKR's BP? or is the neutrogena one, just for active acne? I would want one like DKR"s BP where you can apply everywhere, so it kinda prevents acne everywhere..
  8. Hey Guys So I was suppose to re-order my DKR which I did 2 weeks ago, but then I realised today that I inputted my address wrong on the order, so I'm not sure what is going to happen. But the fact is, I don't htink I'll get my next batch of DKR before my current batch runs out. I think it's going to be the BP that runs out first, so my question is, is there some other BP out there that I can use in the mean time to prevent breakouts? I'm afraid once I stop using it for awhile, illl break out
  9. So I have a curious question... altho kinda gross... When you pop a pimple and squeeze it, this "white-ish, solid, stuff" comes out. What actually is that white stuff? is it like solidified bacteria or soemthing?
  10. I get the same thing with DKR's moisturizer. I have changed the moisturizer and it seems to lessen the oily-ness
  11. So my skin seems to be playing games with me as it used to get OILY during the day. But recently, it seems to be getting FLAY during the day. So what do you do when your skin gets flaky during the day? Do you just wash your face with water? Or do you add more moisturizer? I don't know if water is the best idea as you shouldnt be washing your face more than twice a day. Can we just add more moisturizer thru out the day? Thanks
  12. So when I use DKR, I get this oily-glowy shine on my face. i know it's due to my face being too dry, so I'm doin all I could to keep mys kin hydrated. Anyhow, in the mean time, I have to do something about it. I know we're suppose to wash our only face only twice a day which means that's our day/night regimen. So what should I do when I get that oily shine during the day? I mean I can't wash it off since that's like "against the rules" of the "Only wash your face twice a day" So what can i do