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  1. This was the key to my great skin

    After suffering with acne for so long this moisturizer and dark spot treatment literally took my skin from clear to perfect and all my really really dark spots are pretty much gone. I suffered with cystic acne all down the side of my face and they left these horrible marks. I literally regained confidence again after using this for about 4 months
  2. A literal life saver!!!!!

    This lotion, after six months is one i still use everyday and it makes your complexion so smooth with such a little amount especially when you're on the regimen. I saw no breakouts when i made the switch and i continue to see none after using it for so long
  3. I recommend using the the 10% glycolic acid and usually once ur skin clears up from the acne.org regimen they fade over time. It takes about 1-2 months to see them begin to fade and then you'll see evident results in 3-6 months