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  1. Update for anyone curious: I was applying one pump at a time, as the instructions suggested. That made no difference. I read on another thread that someone felt like the jojoba oil was preventing the moisturizer from sinking in, so I tried without it. It was much better! The moisturizer felt like it was actually going into my skin, and my skin looked a lot less shiny. I am still experimenting with the Acne.org moisturizer and CeraVe PM. I sometimes do one layer of each, but am still open to
  2. I am in the second week of the regimen with all of the Acne.org products. I am having trouble with the moisturizer, though. I am using it as directed, and with several drops of jojoba oil with every application. However, it feels like it is not absorbing into my skin, just staying on the surface and leaves me looking really oily. I also don't like the yellow stains it is leaving on my pillowcases. Should I give it more time, since my skin is still adjusting, or should I try a moisturizer like Ce