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  1. Ok I agree with some points that you brought up, but I feel acne.org has a sole purpose to help people with acne. I hope it hasn't become so commericalised as to restrict people in the information they can reach. Personally I base my buys solely on reviews, what else can you base it on? whilst acne.org does do a tremendous job at attempting to help members, there are still many products out there which lack reviews. Reviews are only helpful in bulk, 3-4 reviews on one product don't do it jus
  2. Hi guys, Although Dan has made a great review section on the site, I found that there are also many reviews on *Moderator edit, site info removed* , helped me decide what peel to choose in the past. Check it out, this isn't spam or anything Boyo
  3. Thanks for the info. I have done my second peel today and I dont see much improvement in my hyperpigmentation Did you see slight improvement every peel you did or was it more like close to 6 peels it suddenly improved? It'll be different according to your own marks and skin! Please stick with it and after your 6th peel you let me know if you saw a difference For those interested: Through June and July, I am doing a glycolic peel every 5 days (about 12 peels). It is a bit aggressive, a
  4. Generally! Sorry if I wasnt clear. It won't help the scarring itself, but will speed up the removal of the hyperpigmentation, so in turn helps the scars LOOK better, if that makes sense!
  5. Ok so it took about 6 peels before I noticed the pigmentation had significantly improved. I didn't peel with lactic acid, it is quite a mild peel. You will realise that newer marks will fade quite easily (within first few peels) as they are on the surface of the skin, but those older ones can take 6+ before a difference can be seen. I did the peel once a week (but I think I could have done it every 4 days). Judge for yourself! I can't stress this enough: please use sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi guys, I used to post often here and since my acne got under control, I unfortunately deserted the site. I thought I'd share what's been working for me honestly. I am free from active acne, this is due to Accutane taken in 2009 (4 years ago) which has kept me clear to some extent. I use: Eucerin dermopurifyer cleanser (all UK acne.org members please look into this- it is absolutely fantastic)- PM me if you want more details Simple hydrating moisturiser Garnier ambre solaire sheer contro
  7. Hi guys, have been battling acne for nearly 8 years now, (im male and 21), but I think the battle is finally over, haven't had a spot in 6 months!! I was on accutane in 2009 which did greatly help with my cystic acne, but post tane I experienced mild relapse (mild-moderate acne) Since March 2012 I started using: Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser (is around £9 in Boots) which is paramount to keeping my skin acne-free and Simple hydrating light moisturiser which does exactly what it sa
  8. Hi guys, im 99% clear here (went on accutane 2 years ago) but left with DREADFUL red marks and scars. My skin colour is a light brown and over the last 2 weeks the redness of the marks has diminished significantly and is becoming more like my skin colour (more brown and faded) What im doing is the following: 1. not putting any more products on my face (i believe all the chemicals are damaging and not really beneficial) 2. moisturizing well (with simple light hydrating moisturizer) 3
  9. Has anyone experienced this? im 95% clear but I have a cyst like bump under my skin on my cheek. I cant see it, theres no discoloration on the surface, and when i feel it its a hard bump. Yesterday morning it was quite large and i was scared it would come to surface. after applying some dan's AHA on it, it went much smaller and is 50% the size it was in the morning. (this was all yesterday) today I woke up and it was bigger than it felt yesterday morning, put on some Dan's AHA and sure enou
  10. boyo

    Gets rid of redness Cheap Large Removes underground spots developing Does nothing for existing spots Makes you more sun sensitive Is quite thick and was pore clogging for me This works fantastically at preventing spots coming up. Twice this has happened where i feel major large cysts under my skin, i dab some on, go to sleep and next morning it is literally gone. Does not work on red marks and does nothing for existing pimples. period.
  11. I really want a good manual exfoliator (not a chemical one like AHA), that I can use in the shower twice a week. So far i've been using st.ives but its wayyyy too harsh on my skin, i want the gentlest one out there..any help guys? also, on a sidenote, does sunscreen really help in fastening red marks going away?
  12. I finished a 6 month course of accutane august 2009 (worked perfectly for me)...didnt get any spots for a whole year then skin started getting ever so slightly oily...in the last few months ive started slowly getting spots, random ones, every couple of days, but in places where i didnt get acne before. before, i got cystic acne on my cheeks, now i get random spots on my jawline and neck and a few around my lower cheeks. they arent cystic or anything, they are quite small, but do u think this is
  13. I hope so bro, and lol no dont be silly flawless skin?????????..the title says getting better man!!..still have billion red marks, trillion brown marks, huge pores, icepick rolling box scars, uneven skin tone and all this ****.
  14. I think it is definitely that. just wanted someone to agree with what im saying and that im not just insane!!!..shows how acne is so psychologically damaging!!!
  15. ok the title may confuse you but hear me out, I'll try and keep it short. I battled acne since i was 13, got cystic at 16, got put on accutane and it cured me (best decision ever.) Im 20 now, and when i get a spot (once every few days) it kills me. its not cystic, it doesnt even get to a whitehead it is small but red...but it puts my whole day in a misery!! I feel sooo depressed and I think the spot psychologically reminds me of my long battle with acne and i feel so insecure....after looking a