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  1. I would kill to have freckles. Freckles are the cutest!!
  2. Forsaken, Acne red marks will go away with time. You have so much to live for. Look around at the family who loves you, the friends who adore you and the people on this board who are willing ot take time out to post things to you. Lung Collapsing. My friend's lung collapsed. It kept him out of school for awhile but once he got better, he got right back into what he was doing. You're not alone in how you feel. We've all been there and we all got through it, so will you.
  3. I got the above from emedicine.com. If you are into medical research, you will find it a helpful site.
  4. Al: Don't get acid near those areas! It's the most sensitive skin areas since its so thin. The acid will burn you and wrinkle you. The redness will go away. Put some aloe vera on it to speed its healing process.
  5. I would suggest you put BP on your non-red areas to keep pimples away (don't put it on the cystic acne). The BP will keep the non-cystic acne away for you. Avoid the red prone area so the scars can heal.
  6. I don't like Vita K. I took at look at the ingredients, it seems to have very little Vita K in it. I put the substance under the microscope to examine it. It has little micro reflector beads in it...which explains a lot. but I guess its better to get SOME vita k as opposed to none eh? Red marks go away with time. If you read previous posts and use this yourself, you'll notice something: You put it on, your red marks look like they fade instantly! But the next day the red marks are back
  7. BP will cause the red marks to be redder and stay longer since it creates radicals in your skin. Hydroquinone will lighten your skin but only apply it to the red area. You should wait 10-15 minutes after applying the BP to put on the Hydroquinone. What strength Hydroquinone are you using? FDA is against using Hydroquinone above the strength of 4% because it causes skin cancer. If you are pregnant, do not use this product for it has been shown to pass on to breast milk.
  8. JC has a very good point, shower after a workout. The process of sweating, itself, does not cause acne. Let's follow this through. You run 3 miles and you're sweating from head to toe. When you workout, you create heat --> your skin opens up so that your body can breath. This means your pores are opening up. Now, if you don't shower after a workout, dirt will come into those pores and cause acne. So it is important to shower after a workout to wash away the dirt that may have accumulat
  9. BP is just BP....it's the same chemical. The only difference is the strength.
  10. Do NOT put benzyle peroxide around sensitive areas of your skin!! This includes the areas around your eyes, nose and mouth which will wrinkle easier. Besides wrinkling, you don't want it near your eyes or nose because the fumes will come into your eyes and nose, which may cause burning and in your case, blood nose.
  11. It seems that you have inflammatory acne whcih explains the red marks left behind, caused by the cystic acne. I'm pretty sure BP won't work for your case unless you have some non-inflammatory acne on your skin. At most, the BP will keep non-inflammatory acne from forming. The BP may cause your redness to become even more red and take more time to heal the red marks. I agree with the scrubs, don't use the scrubs unless there's MICROBEADS being used. Other scrubs such as the apricot scrubs i