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  1. About a week and a half ago, i bought myself a clay mineral mask (from Miessence). The mask is great, problem was that i was stupidly applying it every single day, as opposed to once/twice a week as should be done. So consequencely my skin, probably due to being overworked, broke out quite badly. i immediatly stopped using it, though a week on and i am still breaking out! How long will it take for my skin to calm down and stop doing this? normally my skin isnt too bad, it was just me being stu
  2. Hi I few weeks ago i purchased the Miessence purifying clay mineral mask. After i first used it i had very good results, and continued to use it everyday as recommended by the website. However, after the first couple of days i noticed these red marks appearing, and soon they developed into whiteheads! I immediatly stopped using the mask, but a week on, i am still getting them! i know that it will stop, but when will that be? its quite affected me, cos i thought i was over the worst of my acn
  3. ive recently brought some nivea for men products, i just want to know has anyone used these and wat your thoughts are on them? (Sensitve face wash and moisturiser) Many thanks Stu
  4. Hi i have had mild acne since i was 12. BUT when i was 17 my acne began to clear up and have had very few problems over the next three years ( iam now 20). However, over the past five months i have seen my acne worsen considerably and it has really affected me, i have a few ideas why this may have happened: - when i had a breakout ( i get them very occasionally) i applied a huge amount of BP (10%) to my skin, sometimes as much as 7-8 times a day! for a short period i was even using 25% BP! -