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  1. alrighty..sorry bout that.

  2. I'm not JUSTIN or someone else you know.

  3. I'm not JUSTIN or someone else you know.

  4. The best psychological cure is reading Lovecraft all day, avoiding mirror until you forget your face and drinking coffee. At least, for me.
  5. I could give my arse. Just because no one would be interested, anyway.
  6. Hi Justin! ..long time no post.

  7. If there are six billion people in this word, you can't have a rare personality. I noticed some people are suggesting same thing in this forum. Sorry to disappoint you people, but, your personality isn't very important. If you are living in a society where there are very nice, open minded, smart, intellectual AND clear-skin persons, your maturity isn't very rare. There are attractive and mature persons everywhere, they have great lives and are always around you.
  8. There is no after-life or karma, don't believe such crap. You are just an animal like rest of the world and life/death is so coincidental. We humans care so much about our emotions, but it is not important as it seems. We are having pain, pain which is continual in all years of our lives. But all these years which we think as looooong is just a moment in eternity of time. So don't think that you are so important. Sometimes, death is the only answer.