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  1. Wow, I just found this post (8 years later)...that's insane. It looks like he was destroyed by that.
  2. I honnestly don't like the kind of advices "make the difference Stop with this "compensating" talk... Nothing to be ashamed , which means you need to stop it... stop apologysing for being who you are. I can be in a bad mood, or simply not want to smile at times...and I wont change that. Grow REAL self confidence , and not a BS fake one
  3. Hey, whatsup. I get it. I know how you felt, and how much it made it impossible for you to build yourself normally, while you see everybody around you being okay and mentally stable. Now imagine being 25, and after all you described with the traumatizing experience you had with acne, your face never got clear, and you'd be covered with scars and blemishes on your whole face, making you litterally disfigured for life , despite treatments... Imagine if the nightmare would con
  4. Thank you. Tired of the hypocrisy around bad skin. It makes people feel guilty for feeling low when they suffer from it. While this society does nothing but expressing that people with acne are young losers. I'm doing a receptionist job right now, and I feel discriminated. I feel my coworkers don't like me, and don't hold me in high esteem, while I didn't do anything to anybody, and I didn't do any mistake in my job. But for example, two girls almost don't answer to me bac
  5. I know right, this is my life...face covered with scars, got a job 3 weeks ago in a hotel, but already think about quiting it just because of that. I feel like my coworkers disrespect me because of that, and damn...when it's something you didn't chose, it pisses you off...
  6. Hey guys, I want to connect with people being hit by the same problems than me (permanent scars on the cheeks). It would be cool to connect with those persons, and why create solid friendships. Man, I just don't connect anymore with people who don't have problems in life. So it would be great to feel cool around people sharing the same problem than me. Hope I'll meet some people, Mike
  7. Honnestly, I don’t know if being able to erase all my scars when I’m 40 wouldn’t depress me more than anything...
  8. BA, hi, I'm sorry, I've been searching a lot, but I couldn't find a list of practitioners in the FAQ... Would you tell me where it is in the FAQ please? I really would like to get to it. Thanks, Michael
  9. I couldn't agree more. I stopped feeling ashamed of being depressed by it. It's a disease.
  10. Man, thanks very very much to have taken the time to answer my question. I'll seriously think about all this. Really, thank you very much to have taken the time. It helps a lot. I'll deepply consider every point you mentioned
  11. Hi everybody, I'm from France, I'm 24. 2 years ago, I had a terrible skin infection living me with severe red/purple on my cheeks. I lost everything. As a black skinned, I was told unfortunately there are not much to do with old scarring... I realize I just accepted the idea of living a miserable life of solitude. I gave up every possible expectation I had. I'm honnestly mostly dead inside.. But I thought I maybe should try all I can to fix it, so I don't regret anything... So, I at
  12. It teached me many things. I love myself way more inside, it made me a much much better person. I realize that before, I couldn't go out without checking my looks in the mirror for an hour. Now I go out without even checking it. Now I absolutely don't judge people by their appearance AT ALL. And honneslty, in today s world, that's not an ability many people have. It also gave a real inner peace : I accepted the idea of living a stressless life. I just live the present mom
  13. It all depends on how it will evolve. If it doesn't create an other white head, you're all good and the area will just flat by itself, and the color will go back to normal. At least that's my experience.