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  1. Look in the top recommended, you have the west London clinic
  2. BA, hi, I'm sorry, I've been searching a lot, but I couldn't find a list of practitioners in the FAQ... Would you tell me where it is in the FAQ please? I really would like to get to it. Thanks, Michael
  3. I couldn't agree more. I stopped feeling ashamed of being depressed by it. It's a disease.
  4. Man, thanks very very much to have taken the time to answer my question. I'll seriously think about all this. Really, thank you very much to have taken the time. It helps a lot. I'll deepply consider every point you mentioned
  5. Hi everybody, I'm from France, I'm 24. 2 years ago, I had a terrible skin infection living me with severe red/purple on my cheeks. I lost everything. As a black skinned, I was told unfortunately there are not much to do with old scarring... I realize I just accepted the idea of living a miserable life of solitude. I gave up every possible expectation I had. I'm honnestly mostly dead inside.. But I thought I maybe should try all I can to fix it, so I don't regret anything... So, I attached two pictures. The quality is not amazing, sorry, but I have deep purple like scars (you don't t really see it with the quality) , turning red sometimes, notably when I'm out from sport. I know you'll think "it's not that severe", but it's just the quality. I personnally could live with hollows on my skin. But in reality, it looks very bad. As a black skinned, do you think there is any hope I could dramatically improve it? Thank you very much, I wish you the best.
  6. mickidepaname

    Positive things about scars

    It teached me many things. I love myself way more inside, it made me a much much better person. I realize that before, I couldn't go out without checking my looks in the mirror for an hour. Now I go out without even checking it. Now I absolutely don't judge people by their appearance AT ALL. And honneslty, in today s world, that's not an ability many people have. It also gave a real inner peace : I accepted the idea of living a stressless life. I just live the present moment. If I die tommorow, so be it. I think it's a blessing not to scare death. I think the best way to live the experience we're supposed to live as mortals, is to be totally OK with death.
  7. mickidepaname

    Lump after popped cyst/nodule/deep pimple

    It all depends on how it will evolve. If it doesn't create an other white head, you're all good and the area will just flat by itself, and the color will go back to normal. At least that's my experience.
  8. Hey what's up , you're talking to someone deeply depressed for years. Tell me.
  9. Thank you for wanting to giving help dude. As a black skinned, with severe scars, yes I did consider the options. And there are none. I'm scarred for life, and the only thing I could do is slightly improve it, which I don't care. I know people don't realize some people are scarred for life, and we are very limited in terms of technology for black people. Honestly, I know you want to help, but please don't talk to me about no treatments, like I said I went to dermarologists, specialists, who admitted me they couldn't do nothing for me. That's something even more frustrating when people don't want to accept some people are disfigured for life, and there are no options for them. If we could fix any skin damage, there wouldn't be nobody living with disfigured face due to acid attacks right?
  10. I heard a lyric of a French singer the other day, that makes me think a lot. The song is a letter of the life lessons, and advices he would give to his child if he had one. He notably says "If you got the feeling nobody understands you, it's because it's true, nobody understand you. How could you blame them? Even you don't fully understand yourself" That's why I don't mind about people's opinions. Anyway. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION : Honnestly, the thing that I could say help me the most is to avoid people that drain your energy. Sometimes, those people are not even bad people. Those are just people that are in a completely different state of mind than you. It's people with who, for different reasons, you feel "not enough". Run away from those people. It may even be family members. Some people (like I said, without even wanting it) make you feel like crap. While now I enjoy calms, empathetic persons, I feel comfortable with. I'm very sad another person had to live through what you/we live. I hope you'll eliminate any negative persons in your life. If those dudes made bad comments about your skin, don't worry, you know it's not your fault. I won't lie, knowing life is not eternal helps me a lot. That's why instead of killing yourself, understand life is just a game, because it is so short, that nothing really matters. Will you stay in this earth for ever? No you don't, actually it ends up so fast. So don't take life too seriously, nothing is that important. Your body is temporary, your skin is temporary.
  11. Sorry for the mistakes, it's due to my phone corrector going crazy
  12. Hey, Thanks for your answer. I know , when people talk about "self made success", " just believe in yourself..." , I mostly don't care when it comes from people looking like models. Most of them don't even know their own limits, and they don't realize they would never be able to go on TV, or engaging in all their social activities, if they had a single breakout. Anyway, I know it's really hard to motivate yourself to do things when you're depressed... But let me tell you something I thought about, that that relieved me : First, I want to precise that hat I'm gonna say only applies to my own skin. Indeed, I don't really know the state of your own skin. But it doesn't matter. I think that it applies, more or less, to every acne scars sufferers (Even if the severity of the acne or scarring has an impact) Ok, what I want to say is : Many diseases are recognized in society. For example, if you get one of your leg cut in an accident, your family, friends, colleagues and everybody else, will recognize the fact that you're disabled. Same if you get seriously disfigured by a car accident. Like I said, society will recognize you suffered something, disabling you. Governments will help those people, and family and friends would consider you're disabled. It means you would receive lots of empathy from them. But the problem is : I realized that adult acne, and acne scarring are not recognized as a disease and as a disability. When a man/girl suffers with serious acne and/or acne scarring, people around this man/woman will treat him/her exactly as if he didn't suffer at all : -They'll expect this person to behave and to live his/her life as if he/she didn't have any skin problems. It's like it doesn't exist. My family said to me "Don't think about that. Just go out and live your life." Everytime I talk about this, people answer "It's just acne" The problem of this is : because of this I constantly compared with people with perfect skins, and felt guilty for not being enough. Yes, those people were very social, happy, motivated, good looking... And me I was constantly depressed because I wasn't that way. But you know what relieved me : The truth is that I understood everything was a lie : MY ACNE SCARRING DISFIGURED ME. Half of my face is seriously scarred. So, deslite what those people tried to tell me, I'm not a regular person : I was victim of a terrible disease. It's a good starting point to start to accept your skin : Your skin is what it is. Don't compare with people with perfect skin. You don't live the same life as them. So don't be harsh on yourself. Don't blame yourself for not feeling like them. Most of them couldn't take it. What I mean is : Now I defined myself (not my spiritual self, my physical appearance) as a disfigured man. (Which all severe acne and acne scarring are, according to society standards) It means that I don't have to compare with anybody. It means I don't feel no pressure anymore to try to be like them. So, you're perfect the way you are, don't compare with others. Most people you compare to would be dramatically different if they suffered what you suffer from. So, try to create your life your own way.
  13. im sorry you have to go through this. I hope you will find happiness and peace one day again Thanks, my friend, I appreciate it. I hope that you're ok.
  14. Permanent acne scars. Permanents. It exists, and some people struggle to understand it. Because many people (notably on this website) believe that if their acne didn't left them with scars, or left them with temporary hyperpigmentation, it'll be the case for other people as well. But I won't get into details, I'm disfigured for life. But when you just want to find information about "how to accept that your face changed", "how to live with scars"..etc.. 90% of comments are "try almond milk to fade spots", "try this or this..." If you see a man with disfigured due to a severe burning after a car accident when he was a kid, you wouldn't give him any advice about what creams to use, right? I know it's done in order to help, but you just feel like an alien, because you're one of the very rare people for who those methods are a lost of time. You want to cope with it, because for some of us, that's the only solution (notably for black skinned persons, like me)