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  1. There are lots of product out there but when it comes to Retinoids, Retin-A micro is the best. There are lots of product
  2. it's not as good as benzoyl peroxide. it would take too much water to for chlorinated water to have any effect on acne. check out benzoyl peroxide instead. *MOD EDIT - REMOVED URL*
  3. It helps whiten the skin but it doesnt help acne. Topical niacinamide helps acne and at the same time whitens the skin. *MOD EDIT - REMOVED URL*
  4. it can be minimized by exfoliation or an anti-comedolytic agent such as treitioin. for exfoliation use any AHA or Salicylic acid. *MOD EDIT - REMOVED URL*
  5. Topical niacinamide or isolutrol may help. check the links below for info. *MOD EDIT - REMOVED URL*
  6. Yah no problem with those. tretinoin should not be used with other keratolytic agents like hydroxy acids. *MOD EDIT - REMOVED URL*
  7. For scarring topical ascorbic acid helps.. check out http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com/acne-treat...d-vitamin-c.htm
  8. Salicylic acid works best for oily skin with blackheads because it is lipid soluble. glycolic acid would have a hard time penetrating sebum. http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com/acne-treat...icylic-acid.htm
  9. Yep it has anti-inflammatory action http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com/acne-treat...icylic-acid.htm
  10. Nope. changing brands doesnt cause any adverse side effects check out http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com for more information
  11. milk of magnesia doesnt dry zits. it is actually benzoyl peroxide that dries zits. check out http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com for more information
  12. yah. that's bacteria and white blood cells. check out http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com for more information
  13. Yep. quite possibly BP may cause cancer because it is an "oxygen" donor or in other words it makes free radicals. check out http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com for more information
  14. http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com have an information on how you can make topical niacinamide and how topical niacinamide works. check it out. all you need is a nearby GNC shop.