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  1. Thats bloody amazing. Grats! Im starting my isotane course in 2 weeks. Can't wait!
  2. Im 6 foot 1, 74 KG, 18 yr old male I have been prescribed 20mg a day for 2 months, I start my dose in 2 weeks. I think you will appreciate 20mg. Less intensity of the side effects with gradual clearing of acne.
  3. I am a 18 year old guy, 74 KG, 6 foot 1 in height. (It's so strange how we measure our weight in metric but not our height!) My derm has put me on 20mg a day. I will start soon in 2 weeks and share my experience.
  4. Just ring up and ask to be placed in any appointment if there is a cancellation earlier. Also, I am an 18year old guy and I get that type of acne often. I am about to start accutane on June 6th, however I had to book my appointment 4 months in advance (New Zealand). In the mean time while you wait, I HIGHLY suggest cleaning your towels, pillowcase and sheets immediately. I notice I get less cystic acne when I do that. If possible, sleep on your back, i find that helps as well.
  5. I just looked in the mirror. Thought to myself "THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS" That's it, Ive had enough with DKR. It kept me 99% clear when I used it (nights only). However while I've been at Uni, i just haven't had the energy or committment to apply the DKR. So I decided "Hey, Ive been on this 6 months, why don't I just try stop the regime, HOWEVER, I will still put BP on individual spots before bed just in case" Okay so lets fast forward to now, approximately 2 months since that decision. 3
  6. Actually when I knew I was going to the gym on a particular day, i would: 1) cleanse + bp + mois in the morning 2) BEFORE GYM: rinse everything off with warm water 3) AFTER GYM: rinse off sweat, apply BP 4) night: cleanse, +bp + mois yeah its a bit of effort but you really dont want BP melting and leaking all over your face, because 1) it stings (well it did to me) and 2) It will wreck your clothing by bleaching spots all over.
  7. I would like to add that a gentle AHA Toner can be an excellent product to use. It makes your face all smooth in terms of colour. I used to have patchy skin with red parts here and there. Now it's 99% normal looking and I love my progress.
  8. This is what happened to me. Reduce BP usage to just at night time. Then moisturise every morning and every night. If you feel your skin getting dry during the day, splash your face with some water, pat dry, and put on moisturiser again. Your skin should normalise in 2 weeks.
  9. Here's a method you can use if: 1) Your skin is used to BP (for instance, you have used BP in the past for months at a time) 2) You need urgent care. For instance, maybe you have a presentation in 1 weeks time and need to look good! (This is exactly why i did this!!) Okay so 3 days ago I had a massive breakout. They were all red and angry. The cysts didn't have heads and were sore to touch. All 10 pimples and 3 cysts were on the lower part of my face. Nothing on my cheeks. Nothing on my neck.
  10. May this serve as a word of caution. Ok so as a first year Uni student I wanted to try weed. Bad idea. I woke up with SEVEN new, angry red pimples, in addition to the 3 average/healing pimples that were going away. First time, only time, will never do it again. Now I'm back to Dans BP, and I have a job interview this week at a pretigious clothing store selling luxury brands such as Versace, Gucci, Christain Dior etc. And now I'm going to look like complete shit. I seriously think I've just m
  11. BP makes my black hair turn brown, but it doesnt do anything to my eyebrows.
  12. Ive been on the regime 5 months (just at nights) and during that time I have come off twice. 1st time results: Stopped BP and instead just used Neutrogena foaming cleanser morning and night, and Neutrogena oil-free face lotion during the day, and Cetaphil during the night. I started to break out with small acne spots. 2nd time results (where I am right now, 1 week in): Exactly the same as above, however I have added in a home microdermabrasion in with all these natural oils in. This is to cle
  13. Seconding EAT LESS DAIRY. I don't get acne flareups when I don't have: 1) milk 2) ice cream 3) cheese I use: 1) Soy milk 2) margarine
  14. I haver never known the difference between the terms Soft and Hard water, and quite frankly it apparently doesn't matter. I started off with bad acne, some of it cystic. 5 months later I am: 1) Clear of all acne 2) Almost clear of all red marks Water is water.