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  1. does anyone use jojoba oil on their face during accutane? how doe sit work? Is it even safe?
  2. I am pretty faithful to Dan's regimen. Twice a day, everyday. My problem however lies in the fact that im also very active, and i sweat alot. Profusely if i may. Anyways, i guess the sweat carries the Bp down onto my eyelids and my neck, where my skin becomes verrrry irritated. It sucks. does this happen to anyone else??
  3. Whats the Best way to exfoliate while on the Regimen?
  4. Does anyone regret taking accutane for mild acne because it just ended up messing your skin up badly? ie. Redness.
  5. Will the derm be able to tell wether or not youve been on a topial retinoid ??? I am planning on lying of course.
  6. I think all this BP is makin my skin really really crappy. Anyone else feel the same?
  8. im nto sure if im allowed to make an official thread, btu feel free to close it if im not. I was just thinking we could all just post the Pros and cons of Accutane in the following format to make it easier for everyone else when theyre trying to make their decision based on, well, the pros and cons. Pros Cons - - - - - - -
  9. be careful waxing your eyebrows while on the tane, cuz ur skins gonna be hella thin.
  10. I Get one inflamed whitehead aka pustutles everyday. it's really annoying cuz these bastards look nasty and theyre bright white. This is pretty much what all my zits turn out to be. they start off as little bumps and within a day or 2 they become a huge inflamed pustule. If i could find a way to get rid of pustules, my acne will pretty much be gone for the msot part. Any thoughts or ideas?