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  1. Just sayintg thanks for your comment, it was very sweet. Best wishes with everything

  2. ***PERSONAL ATTACK REMOVED BY MODERATOR*** Please understand that you will not find the solution to acne in the field of dermatology. They would not put themselves out of business by curing skin afflictions. Rather, look towards natural, homeopathic remedies which are far superior and cheaper. Don't take the risks with Accutane.
  3. People who are having problems with acne would be foolish not to give urine therapy a serious try. It's FREE, how can you go wrong with a free remedy that is clearly working for some people.
  4. Did you ever think of leaving your face alone? Pretend like you don't have a face to wash and worry about and see what happens.
  5. I'm warning people to stay away from the medical establishment because there are alternative remedies that cost less and will actually improve your health rather than mask symptoms with expensive, harmful drugs. Anyone who takes a seriously dangerous drug like Accutane for something as harmless as acne is really making a decision that they may live to regret someday when their bodies don't work properly anymore. People have acne because they were misled to eat all this shitty food and apply al
  6. Christylmlw makes a good point. If Accutane can harm a fetus, why in the hell are you putting it into your body in the first place? The whole prospect of altering your body to treat a condition is idiotic and DOES NOT treat the core cause. Stop taking drugs, get into natural remedies. All these pills and creams I took for my acne only made it worse, I should have never even gone to a dermatologist and lived with the acne I had before I found natural remedies that cured my acne. THANK GOD I
  7. ***PERSONAL ATTACK REMOVED BY MODERATOR*** Accutane is not something you want to get involved in, it has potential to cause health problems, some of which don't go away. Do your research. Anyways, the medical establishment is USELESS with regards to acne, the only one who benefits from selling all these pills and creams are the people making the money off of them. Homeopathic remedies are superior to those that come from the greedy medical establishment, pay no attention to these drug pedd
  8. Jen, I think you're hanging on by a string with the urine therapy with regards to keeping your acne under control. You may be able to keep the acne at bay with the urine but from what you describe, I think you need to consider fighting the acne from within. From my own experience, I found bowel cleansing to be the most powerful weapon against acne (among other health problems I had). I used the Turkey Rhubarb Formula, type it into google and read up on it to see if that's something you want
  9. Jen, I do recommend that you stop washing your face with anything but urine, you may be able to clear your pores if you avoid using soap as that removes the natural oils from your skin. I'm going to start applying urine to my face and scalp to see if I have any luck with my dry skin, itchiness and clogged pores, I haven't had acne for years. I've recently gotten in the habit of not washing my face or hair with anything but cool water, i've come to the conclusion that it's not a good idea to ap
  10. If you empty a sinking boat of water, why are you surprised it fills up again when you haven't sealed the hole?
  11. Polka, take it a step further and don't wash your face with even water, even water can interfere with the oily barrier and since your skin has already been compromised your skin is more sensitive than someone with normal skin. In addition, do not touch your face, don't even itch it if it itches. It may seem that nature wants you to itch your face when you get the itching sensation but your skin is far removed from nature at this point, you need to completely leave your skin alone. I don't k
  12. Was doing research on what can be done for acne scars.
  13. I don't understand why anyone would waste a dime on a temporary solution to scars. If you can't put money into a permanent improvement of your scars, why bother at all? They're just scars.