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  1. will drinking alcohol while on doxycycline afftect me different than when i drink alcohol w/ out it..?
  2. she prescribed duac gel and differin with doxycyline tablets.....what are you experiences with this? i am 18, used proactive and didnt work, ive had acne for about 2 yrs
  3. should i try this face study for acne? you do it for 2 months and get paid 200 bucks... should i giv e er a try? im not sure what the ingredients are yet..
  4. is organic peanut butter bad for acne? and what about mustard? please explain... btw the only ingredient in organic peanut butter is.. peanuts and water
  5. ill sell you guys some hemp seeds//
  6. i think i have the same as you do, i get about probly 80 of these miniature yellow whiteheads on my face and u can only see it when you get uber close to the mirror
  7. i dont really drink that much milk, but i used to. i just have a little bit in cereal. it almost seems like the nose nuggets are the same 'stuff' as what the yellow stuff is in acne.
  8. hey i have pretty bad acne and also i have a lot of mucas and boogers, my blow my nose at least once a day and every winter my nose runs a lot.. i also spit alot cause of the mucas... does this have any effect on my acne and what can i do to prevent it
  9. definately do it going to the sauna does help your skin
  10. you dont throw up every time you drink beer
  11. help me! i usually masterbate 2-3 times a week but today i did it 2 times in 1 day! is there anything to offset the hormones er whatever so i dont break out