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  1. I have caucasian skin, I’d say. Update: so it kind of already started peeling after a shower and now the middle is pretty much peeled off (its more pinkish). I put neosporin on it because i dont want it to be infected and i want my new skin to grow as fastly as possible over it. Is neosporin a good idea? Or should i leave it with nothing on it. I also tried aloe vera again, but it was burning, so i didnt want to use it. Also i heard aquaphor is good. But honestly im confused. Should i let my
  2. Okay so I just signed up on acne.org to make myself feel better and get some advice on this tragic thing i did for my face, because I really feel like trash right now. So last week. I was looking at the mirror, close up, at my blemishes. I have this problem where I will start picking at the smallest thing on my face because im so afraid of pimples. I pick on three pimples on my cheek. All got inflamed. Throughout the week i tried putting mask, benzoyl peroxide, baking soda, etc. Two of them went