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  1. There's a girl in my class with her face red, scars and acne all over. I'm not sure if she's on accutane or not, but it seems to be getting better than when I first met her in the spring. If I was still a teenager, I'd be superficial and thought "no way in hell", but it doesn't bother me in one bit. She's got gorgeous blue eyes, a great smile, she's fit with a nice body, she's outgoing, funny, and smart. Sadly, I'm graduating next spring, and I'll be leaving my state for a job, but I would lov
  2. You lose zinc and it also increases androgen levels after blowing a load. Something like that. OP, what foods were eating to reach over 2,000 calories. I'm trying to eat 3,000 calories a day to get bigger, so i'm curious to see what low carb foods you are eating.
  3. Water is fine. Stop crying. What I do is make a cup of oatmeal, add sliced bananas, chopped walnuts, and raisins. You can put a little honey in it too. Very good, especially for guys who want to bulk up and need the calories.
  4. I had acne for a few years when I was in high school. When I look at my senior pictures, my face is completely clear. Fast forward to the age of 25, I started getting acne. Now I'm 28 and although I don't have it all over my face, my face is still damn sensitive to many foods and I get those red pimples that takes forever to go away.
  5. Has anyone here or people that they know had their adult acne just suddenly go away? I know a guy I used to work with at Sport's Authority had his adult acne stop. He was probably 27 at the time I think. He used to order Retin-A from Europe, too.
  6. I've noticed that since the past week, my face has been staying clear. What I'm doing new is that I shred some beats and eat a raw carrot alongside my chicken breast I eat for lunch. After eating dinner, I eat one serving of pumpkin seeds. I also stopped eating bread and reduced from eating two bananas a day to one. The only problem now is that the right side of my cheek has been clear for quite awhile, but over the past few days, the left side is a bit broken out. I do have red spots on the
  7. I've noticed that the left side of my cheek is breaking out pretty bad. I just started working out again for over the past week, including a new diet: -create -1 cup skinless chicken breast from Fresh Market for lunch 4 times a week with chopped walnuts and dates -2 eggs a day -when i'm not eating chicken for lunch, it's wild alaskan salmon -ON whey protein That's basically how my new diet looks over the past week. I wonder if it's the creatine causing it. I'll stop for awhile and see what ha
  8. Bump-Not even the health experts in this area of the board never tried it? I broke out really bad due to all the stress from choosing to take 3 summer classes, but I bought some more fenugreek and my face is cleared up again. Normally I wouldn't bump threads because if nobody bothers to reply, then that's that, but fenugreek is the only natural remedy that has actually worked for me. The taste is a bit unpleasant. I put a teaspoon in my oatmeal and mix it with caco powder to hide the taste, b
  9. My mother told me how it helps with digestion, so I decided to put it in my oatmeal and shake. It has been a few weeks now, and my face is pretty much staying relatively clear. The right side of my face has been clear awhile for now. If a pimple does start to show up, it stays really small and goes away in a day. My left side of my face gets a few pimples here and there, but again, never really forms, and goes away a day later. Here are the benefits:
  10. The right side of my face is staying relatively clear for a few days now, but the left side has maybe 4 pimples that are tiny, but are taking FOREVER to heal, which is a bit odd. I wonder if it's because of the wheatgrass juice and the green smoothies? Still, I'll get one or two that slowly pops up, but goes away after drinking a green smoothie and wheatgrass. My diet is really different every day except for dinner: Breakfast: A cup of oatmeal with sliced bananas, cinamon, 1/4 cup of pecans,
  11. I know this has probably been mentioned quite a few times in this thread, but how long did it take for most of the people in this thread to start seeing their pimples go away? I know the OP says give it 12 weeks. It has been one week now, and since then, I've been drinking Amazing's wheat grass in the mornings on an empty stomach and in the afternoons, I drink a green smoothie (probably 5-6 times a week) . My skin has been clearing and when I get a new pimple, it stays smalls and goes away quic
  12. Hello all. I just made my first green smoothie today. I put some cale, baby spinach, dandelions, bananas, ice cubes, and water. I also added my weight lifting supplement. Basically it has 200 calories for once scoop and some protein. It's also very high in vitamins. Is it alright to add weight lifting powder to your green smoothie or is counterproductive when trying to clear your acne?
  13. I decided it was time to get some more and I went to two different Walgreens. The lady said they discontinued the product. I'm so sad since it was the only thing that did a decent job. Are there any other products like the Walgreens version? I know Walgreens usually have their own cheap brand to compete with name brands.
  14. For those that don't know who he is, he has a show called Burn Notice on the channel USA. He was also the crooked cop in the movie Changling with Angelina Jolie. A buddy of mine works a little in the movie industry and knew I'd be excited if Jeff came to a VIP party for the Sunscreen Film Festival. I've had three people say we look related, lol. BTW, the scars on his forehead was from sleepwalking and falling over his balcony. http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l300/Jac.../DSCN0038-1.jpg http:/
  15. Try mixing honey in with the ACV (Braggs). Of course you still dilute the ACV, but it seems to help with my acne. I also use the baking soda method, but that's before applying ACV. I use both twice a week.