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  1. Hello to everyone... My AMVC is still here, and it's never has been worse. A tons of scars everyday. The "old" scars are really deepening to the point there are part of my face that have no volume anymore. They became a lot wider too. My skin feel like a monster's. It does not look like acne scars. Some are 5cm lines, 3mm wide. Crazy. It's like my skin is eaten. Or collagen is destroyed without no reason day by day at a really fast pace. But even grandmas don't have this, so it's not a norm
  2. Please, tell us if it goes well in your case. In mine it's getting worse everyday and the process accelarate. It has been more than 6 months and it doesn't get better To Obiwan, thank your for your kind messages. But if it's true, I haven't encounter a great doctor that can spend hours at night to search information about my weird disorder when coming home after his day at the hospital. Sadly, health care is free in France (the healthcare is directly taken care of by the State), therefor
  3. I finally found a picture showing the wider scars that I have. The guy on the picture suffers from AMVC too. I found it in the medical litterature. When I tried to describe it on that forum, people woudn't believe it. Yes, This kind of scar can happen overnight. I woke up a morning with them. Anyway... If someone can help, I would be verry happy...
  4. I don't understand. I have been taking antihistamine for 3 months, Evening Primrose Oil for 5 months and stayed away from omega 3 anf nothing has helped. Now my whole face is covered by scars. They widen, go deeper and connect with each other. Like my skin is eaten. I have not been able to even stabilize the scarring. I have had 0 acne nor inflammation, but the doctors I went to didn't believe that my scars were appearing out of nowhere. Yet, the scars are visible and my whole face has now a
  5. take a anti histamine and try to make your immune stronger I already take anti histamine (24 hours one, but twice a day !).* when I went to hospital one week ago, the doctors advised to double the usual dose. I have been taking them for like 3 months now. No effect... But thank you
  6. Is it really AMVC ? Do you know what kind of genetic disorder is it ? 30% improvement in 2 years seems so low as mine are everywhere on my face =( I'm gonna try that and report ! Thanks for your advices I did take fish Oil last summer for about 2 months. The scarring started in november and stopped. Came back in the end of January (I took a supplement rich in omega 3 !! for like a month without knowing =( ) and kind of slowed down till now. A week ago the symptoms started again and
  7. I never eat fish, nor drink tea or coffee... I avoid sunlight at all cost And I can't stop using moisturizing cream on my face or it becomes hella dry and all flaky (it seems that my skin scars even more when my skin is dry) So I don't understand what's wrong with me... By "they look slowed down", do you mean they still appear but at a slower pace ?
  8. Anish, I suffer from that condition but doctors can't found out what's the trigger -and how to heal. It started like 6 months ago. The last few days it got worse a LOT they appeared all over my face super quickly. Before that the processus was slower. Are there others things that trigger the scars appearing on the face ? I'm really depressed and scared as they seem to appear everyday for about a week now and now I have them everywhere on my face and don't know what to do. Have you been
  9. So did you get a cream or some treatment for demodex ? I'm really interested in that. I do not have acne now. Sometimes a few during that time of the month. But I have "spontaneous" scarring. Meaning that scars happen on my face without acne nor reason. I have to go through auto-immune test but the waiting list is really long where I live and it's driving me crazy. I did a lot of research and heard about demodex... I have not been tested yet. But I heard they can eat the sebum and therefore gi
  10. Acne vulgaris is just a general term. Acne is inflammatory and chronic, and yes it can spread out crazy fast. That's why is important to know how to calm down your skin (by skincare) and to have an healthy way of living (non inflammatory) As I said, acne can be triggered because of many things : food, alergies, stress, lack of sleep, even sweat... Change your pillow case everyday. After washing your face always use a new towel or even a tissue. During our sleep our pores open, we sweat and o
  11. Hormones change. What might be enough to balance them at one time of you life, doesn't necessarly mean it will always be effective.
  12. Yes, there are. In every country, in every domain. Or idk, maybe we don't live in the same world...
  13. Weightloss / weightgain trigger hormonal changes... Diane did make me gain a few pounds. like 5 pounds. Getting personnal but I'm 42kg and my height is 160cm. Maybe it's in my DNA but whatever I eat I loose weight really easily and can't gain weight. My IMC is to low. My body can't produce enough estrogen or whatsoever. Homones are such a tricky subject. Anyway, a lot of doctors have asked me in the past, telling me I'm almost anorexic... Anyway, weight fluctuation, or not enough weight
  14. Yes I did ! Honestly... I tried so many things to cure my acne. Some things did indeed help. But the only thing that really cured it was taking the pill. I first started with diane35 (I don't know if it exists in your country, I'm French) and my skin, my hair, everything was so perfect... Then because everyone said pill is not good for the health etc... I stopped the pill. My acne came back in 6 months and became worse as ever. I did treatments in order to make my acne gone without taking the pi