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  1. I've been using Curology less than a week but yesterday I had a HUGE breakout. They're not acne it's just inflammation and bumps everywhere on my face. EVERYWHERE like underneath my eyebrows, under my eyes, cheeks, around my nose, and chin. My formula is .25% zinc pyrithione, 1% clinadmycin, and 4% niacinamide. I have moderate acne usually on my forehead. When I looked it up it said it's normal for prescription with tretinoin and azelaic acid but I believe I don't have that in mine??? Please hel
  2. I usually only wear makeup on my under eye and my hairline not on my whole entire forehead.
  3. I am 16 years old and I’ve had dry skin and I still have dry skin but starting last year I’ve been getting small bumps all over my forehead and hairline. Some are clogged while some aren’t. There’s no redness and its just really annoying. Im usually congested and I eat whatever food I want and I believe this is a factor of this. I’ve been changing my skincare due to this recently. Ive as forums online and i cant its its clogged pores or a fungal infection