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  1. Dalagis is rubbed on skin until absorption, and the Neo-Medrol is On The Spot. only on pimples, not general areas. tap it on the pimple gently until its absorbed.. no washing after both of these!
  2. the reason im thinking of eating more things with Vitamin A is because it is said to help with acne. look, Isotretinoin is from the same chemical family (Retinoids). some people even use Vit A as a supplement alone (or with Vitamin E and others..) and it might help them with mild acne. Isotretinoin (Accutane) is just more powerfull and works better on acne. but since my dose is so low (20mg a day) i guess it will be ok if i get more Vitamin A in my diet, to complement the Roaccutane without aggr
  3. Link is 100% sure. masturbation=acne (as sex probably is also) its all hormonal. tested&proved!
  4. Link is 100% sure. masturbation=acne (as sex probably is also) its all hormonal. tested&proved!
  5. he probnably calculated the "Total dose" (forgot what it should be... about 6 grams i think?) and btw 80mgs is pretty heavy am i right?
  6. Hey all, been on Roaccutane 2 years ago (changing dosage), acne came back about 1 year ago. trying some topicals and combinations, won't work. today i convinced my derm to prescribe me some Isotretinoin. she gave me 20mg per day, as my acne is way better than it was before my first course. so, its not much, she said i should take it once in the afternoon meal. best way? before,during or after eating? i will try to eat more orange stuff (Vitamin A). what else can i do to get the max out of this
  7. i did 5 month full course at the age of 15 (average dosage, dont remember exactly) of Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) skin was cool for 1-1.5 years then it came back ,almost like before. pisses the hell out of me. put on Benzamicyn. didn't work. now on Clindamicyn+Adapalene, aint working either (after a month). im having a hard time but im trying to get my doc to get me on a 2nd course of Roaccutane.
  8. yeah its cool its like the diffrence between olive oil from israel and olive oil from syria.... :surprised:
  9. well i had a full course and about 1.5 years later it came back to the same state as before. right now im on topical Clindamycin and Adapalene, seems to wrok (although slowly). but hey its considered to be one of the best acne meds! by the way, to the guy above me, you can try and using some Flaxseed oil/Linseed oil, it contains tons of omega fatty acids. just check it out! Tim.
  10. im almost sure htere is a relationship. actually, i am sure. (acne & masturbation) anyway, my acne has improved a bit since last post. treatment (as seen on 1st post) might be slower than i excepted. anyway,shaving is a bit of a problem and might cause a "mini-breakout" in some areas of the skin, specially the jawline. any recommendations for a certain type of shaving cream or whatsoever? thanks!
  11. i did about 5 months on Isotretinoin and had no initial breakout. but uim unhappy now cause about 1-2 years after the treatment acne came back, even worse than before. please help me! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Acne-come...in-t174932.html
  12. hello ive used Roaccutane for about 5 months. for 1 (or maybe 2, not sure) year i was clean from acne. totally. and after this 1 (or 2) year it all came back. might even be worse than before i had the treatment. so the doc prescribed me with Benzamycin. didn't work. currently i am on Clindamycin (topical, morning) Adapalene (topical, evening) Neo-Medrol (pimple-specific) for almost 20 days, and it doesnt seem to help at all. im trying ro avoid fatty foods and stuff, and masturbation als