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  1. Wow! Someone else actually understood how having a cold really works!! If you follow the mucusless diet (eating foods that are non mucus-forming), you will never, ever catch a cold. It's impossible.
  2. Amen. It appears both Ryan and I have found a direct link between diet and acne. You haven't found anything but a correlation. When I said LINK, I meant a scientific link where the causality has been identified.
  3. Your description of the mechanism of a cold is laugh out loud funny. I hope you meant to be funny, because I'd hate to think you were serious. "Cure" is a subjective word. What is "cured?" Diseases are "treated."
  4. Yep sugar is bad for you. My mom told me that when I was 5. What does that have to do with BP or acne?
  5. Amen. It appears both Ryan and I have found a direct link between diet and acne.
  6. This is complete paraniod crap with no basis and reality. Research has been done on diet and acne. Lots of it. It's just that no one is been able to make a link. Furthermore, all kinds of research has been done that does not lead to a drug being developed. How about research on Lycopene and prostate cancer for just one example? Lycopene is found in Tomatoes so i wonder how the drug companies are making money off of this. You are spouting lies.
  7. No wonder you're so f*cking naive. I forgive you.
  8. I think Nutrogena makes a sunblock/moisturizer that is SPF 45.
  9. Hobo2: I still question why she isn't even trying to get some research done. I agree with her that correlative data is a good place to start. I give you credit for debating honestly and with civility. I've learned not to expect that in this forum. You actually addressed the points in my argument! Sorry I prejudged you.
  10. Hobo2: It's really difficult to check citations if you are not deeply involved in the field you are looking into. I have a psychology degree, so I know what good research methods are, but I couldn't begin to look into biochem citations. That's why it's PEER review. You need knowlegable people in the field to look over the stuff. Ms Wai has not done this, and you have to ask yourself, why not?
  11. Well I've already chose that, since I use BP. Of course, I already have some from my youth.