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  1. Week 5 update. (from 15th Feb - 2nd March) I have decided to to start blogging weekly or every 2 weeks depending on the changes in my skin. Firstly I had my month 2 review with my dermatologist on Thursday 22nd Feb. She was really happy with how skin has reacted to the accutane and also that my mood had not been affected. She increased my dose from 40mg per day to 70mg per day. I collected my prescription today (2nd march) so will start my increased dose tomorrow. Over the last couple of
  2. Days 13, 14 & 15 - Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg tablets with breakfast. I have had a couple more small pimples come up, nothing major or like my usual. Cant tell if it because of the accutane or my period...or both. Skin is getting very dryer, feeling very tight in the morning and evening after I have cleansed. Noticed that my hands are getting a lot dryer now as well. My skin is looking a lot less angry and smoother. My hair also feel
  3. Days 11 & 12 - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg with breakfast. Skin is getting a lot dryer though I am producing a fair bit of oil still but not as much. Haven't had any of my usual cystic acne breakouts. I have had a couple of small pimples on my chin pop up, but again nothing like the normal cystic lumps that I get. This could also be down to my period being due in a couple of days. My cold is still hanging around, which is annoying, Other than that
  4. Days 8, 9 & 10 - Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th & Friday 9th February 2018 I have blogged these days together as there really was not much to report between the days. Took 2 x 20mg each morning with breakfast. Skin is still drying out, producing a fair but of oil as the day goes on, but I am wearing makeup as well, which would add to the oil production. Lips are still very dry, constantly applying lip balms. Still haven't broken out with any of my usual cystic acne spots. I have ha
  5. HannahSloan

    Day 7

    Day 7 - Tuesday 6th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg tablets with breakfast. Nothing much different to yesterday, still feeling really crappy with this cold. My skin still hasn't broke out...yet (touch wood) Both lips and skin feeling very dry, also around my nails my cuticles are dryer than normal. Excited to take a picture tomorrow morning and compare to a week ago!
  6. HannahSloan

    Day 6

    Day 6 - Monday 5th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg tablets after breakfast. Still feel crappy today with this throat thing thats hanging about. Taking painkillers to ease the soreness of my throat and neck. Skin feels dry in some places, particularly around my nose and also my cheeks when I smile and talk I can feel some tightness there. Tonight I noticed that my lips are really dry, despite having been applying lip balm constantly since starting the accutane (it is also very cold here in
  7. HannahSloan

    Day 5

    Day 5 - Sunday 4th February Took 2 x 20mg pills after brunch. Skin has some dry patches on it, not sure if that is the accutane or its the spot cream that I have applied. Spot on side of my nose squeezed again this morning, few other little sore bumps around my chin and lower cheeks, but nothing major, will have to see if they turn into their usual big and sore selves. Feeling crappy still today but thinking I have a throat infection or tonsillitis, my mum read somewhere that accutane lowe
  8. HannahSloan

    Day 4

    Day 4 - Saturday 3rd February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg pills with breakfast. Breakout around my chin is still there but whereas usually the spots would be very swollen and sore for around 3/4 days, they have actually near enough disappeared bump wise, leaving only red marks. I have one very large cystic spot on the side of my nose which is still the size of a mountain however! I feel really crappy today, tired, achey, headache is hanging around and my joints in my legs are aching (not sure if flu
  9. HannahSloan

    Day 3

    Day 3 - Friday 2nd February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg pills after breakfast. My skin has broken out terribly, woke up with about 5 new whiteheads on my face, feeling very sore. Have felt very sick all day and my stomach has been upset a couple of times. Feeling achey and tired, again not sure if thats the flu hanging around our house or the tablets. My throat is very very dry again today. No matter how much or what I drink, constantly running to the toilet at work! Trying to keep drinking even m
  10. HannahSloan

    Day 2

    Day 2 - Thursday 1st February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg pills after breakfast. Skin is starting to break out this morning, feeling sore. Not sure if this is result of tablets or my skin just being my skin! Headache started again around 10am but went away after a couple of hours. Feeling under the weather (my partner as the dreaded man flu though so not sure if its that hanging around or the tablets) Also my throat is feeling very dry, cant drink enough water!
  11. HannahSloan

    Day 1

    Day 1 - Wednesday 31st January 2018 Pretty normal skin day, red and bumpy, nothing fresh had popped up during the night. Took 2 x 20mg pills after breakfast. Headache came on around 10am and continued for the rest of the day , paracetamol didn't take it off. Still had a fuzzy head at bed time.