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  1. You know that film called '40 days and 40 nights' or something? Where the guy has to go (shock, horror) 40 days without sex. I just didn't get what his problem was. If I had sex once every 40 days that would be a major improvement to my love life. Catholic priests have more sex than I do.
  2. For a long time I wouldn't go for the jobs that I wanted to because I felt so self-conscious about my acne. I thought that I could never get a job where I had to visit clients or interact with many people as my appearance was so variable, and sometimes my acne made me look like I had some terrible disease. I had to settle for work where I was hidden away and could get away with not interacting with people much. In other words, acne was holding back my career! I don't think it's a coincidence
  3. They used to use saltpetre in prisons to curb sexual desire. Menthol does the trick as well apparently. I read somewhere that Palmetto extract (available from many health stores) helps balance your hormones. To be honest though I think acne comes and goes as it pleases. It was Dan's regimen that cleared me.
  4. Whoa! Hold on there! What planet are you people from? I've lived here on Earth for a good twenty six years now, and suffered from acne for about 11 of those, and from my experience it's been no easier being a man. OK, I have nothing to compare with as I've never been a WOMAN with acne, but since I've NEVER been out with anyone on date, I've NEVER had anyone make so much as a move on me, and that most girls completely IGNORE me, I have a hard time imagining how it could be worse!!! Also, ha
  5. If there's no visible head then don't lance it, you'll only make it worse. You can try to draw out the puss to a head by soaking it in warm/hottish water. I found that applying a piece of tissue soaked in tea tree oil also helps bring it to a head. When you see a head, pop it and squeeze it to death. Make sure you're hands are clean and sterilise the area with alcohol or an antiseptic before and afterwards.
  6. I 've given up. I had acne since I was about 14 and I'm 26 now. I've never really had a girlfriend and probably never will. Oh and yes I've heard the old cliches like "you never know what's around th corner" and "there's someone for everyone" and la de da. I heard them eight years ago, I heard them five years ago, I heard them one year ago, I heard last Christmas. So if anyone says them now I just think "yup, another eight years down the line and I'll look back and think the same old thing.
  7. I spent 11 years with acne, and I can't even count the number of nights I spent hiding in my house. Last year I had a terrible break out with huge ones on my nose, but I still had to travel by train everyday and go to work, which has bright flourescent lights, and speak to people. It was like being in Hell. I've been pretty much clear for a while now after going on Dan's regimen, but I still have a fear of bright lights and rarely make eye contact with people.
  8. OK I know that you're angry and that when people give advice like that you feel really embarrassed, but remember she is/was trying to help. I mean, it's not like she was making fun of you. But people who don't suffer from acne don't understand. The best thing to do is to tell her, politely, that you know about acne treatments and that you feel uncomfortable with her giving advice or commenting on your condition. Explain acne is a serious medical condition and that she should not draw attenti
  9. Yeah, BP took a while to work for me...but then everyone's physiology is different. I found that my skin reacted badly to it at first: my skin would turn red, become very dry and peel off, so I would have to only use a little and take breaks every few days, even with the use of a moisturiser. However, after a few weeks my skin adapted and I could apply more BP without the nasty side effects. I gradually increased the amount I used until I was clear of acne. It took a while for me. Some peop
  10. I spent about 3 months going to a chinese doctor who fed me herbs and stuck needles in me. Did it work? Well, hmmm...I had really really bad acne before I started, and only mildly bad afterwards. I also liked the idea of balancing my body, I thought that I would become healthier. I kind of did. I haven't been ill in ages. I would say it's probably not worth it, and if you have that kind of cash spare you may as well go talk to a specialist skin clinic. It works out cheaper in the long run
  11. Honestly. I tried erythromycin, tetracyclin, clandimycin, zineryt, acne gel (has BP but I didn't use it properly), retin-A, roaccutane (had to give up booze for 6 months!!), tea-tree oil, witch hazel, accupuncture, kombucha tea, chinese herbs, dietary changes and a whole host of other things I can't even remember, all with varying success, but I still had acne!! At the start of this year I said "Matt, by the time this year is out, I'm going to have cured my problem." I didn't know how I would
  12. A lot of people say I look like Dean Cain...from Superman.
  13. Hmmm...I'm either going to the wrong places here in England, or women just don't like me