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  1. do you have any idea what might have caused the folliculitis?
  2. i want to use the stridex bp pads but i do not have a cvs. i have not seen them at walmart, walgreens, or targets. any other ideas as to where i could find them (not online)? thanks
  3. i am definitely going to stop the cephalexin. in fact i did not take it today. i am supposed to take it twice a day and i was trying to figure out when the best time was to feel like crap...then i realized that is ridiculous. and the allergic reaction thing really scares me. i have to be very very careful of everything i take or put on myself b/c ever since i went gluten free i have become hypersensitive. but new derm was no help at all. i vented to sweetheart519 (poor girl!) no spiro. he said h
  4. HELLO EVERYONE! I just wanted to ask a few questions (i should have asked earlier...) about hormones, spiro, etc before I go to the derm today. Its a doctor I have never been to (I am in a tiny town for college) so I am kind of nervous about it, I wish I had thought to get my medical records. Are derms wary of prescribing spiro to younger women? I am only 19. I know I will be getting spiro anyway in January even if he doesnt prescribe me to it because my normal derm back home wants me to go on i
  5. hey. i am having trouble finding a lot of info on these anitbiotics. i started taking cephalexin 4 days ago but i also have a prescription for doryx. my doc gave me both b/c i was unsure if i wanted to take antibiotics and she was just going to let me decide later. she wanted me to take doryx, but knew it was quite a bit more expensive, so wrote out one for cephalexin too. i really havent be able to find much info on the cephalexin being prescribed for acne, which worries me a bit. i filled it b
  6. hmmm so im still not sure how to work everything on here. but i am just going to reply in one post...if thats all right. FIRST OFF!! i just want to say REALLY REALLY THANK YOU ALL! it means a lot that you all took time to read my long-ass whiny post and then reply! (especially without any comments about overreacting, having too many questions, etc). its a bit hard being in a new place without anyone from home. if i was with my amazing friends from home...well... im sure they would be offering t
  7. so i spent a lot of time writing out a post earlier...and i was really excited about it. but i dont see it. so i guess i will just give you the short version...its that time of the month for me (IM a WOMAN!) and i am supppeerr frustrated about my first post (wooh...pop the cherry...) not showing up. but i guess i cant really be sarcastic on here, i dont think sarcasm translates well on the internet. goddamn dorm hall internet connections... okay im over it! I WANT YOU GUYS TO