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  1. I accept that it is a person's decision to abstain. But, here i guess we are talking about the fact that acne playing a part in that decision (right?!) And for me, that's the frustrating and annoying part. I could be all clear and still choose to stay a virgin, which is entirely different from forced into behaving a certain way because of acne. And for those who have people around you giving you a hard time, just let it fall on deaf ears or try explaing (if you care) or just laugh it off with t
  2. haha leopard eh?!...interesting analogy there buddy... try acv...lemon...aha (start slow)... well i ve had ppl tell me that it will go away on its own (not just for the pigmentation but the acne itself) but i dont buy that one bit...guesss most ppl here would accept with me on this one ! btw...i got leopard skin too ... trying to get rid of it with acv...
  3. hey vidge....this pretty much my case as well....i got red marks and rarely few acne...but goes off...the red spots are really slow... now am on ACV....try it...its slow (as expected) but i seem to see some change.... it is definately worth a try...cheap too...
  4. Hey bud... i totally understand what you are going through...i have never taken me shirt off anywhere...and have been asking that "why me" question for so longgg!!! worst fear is ...i dont want ppl to think that this is contagious...i know it is not...but not sure if ppl who dont have it do! anyway...hang in there...it ll be alright! maybe this is doing you something great in someway that is not obvious for you to see " is what i keep telling myself ! 1st off... see a dermatologist...do some r
  5. hey you might wanna add up these 2 to that list - enough sleep - lots and lots of water i always drank lots of water...but never used to sleep long enough...(in a single strech)...but when i changed this...saw very very significant improvement ofcourse...keep us updated
  6. well i dint have a good experience either... initiallly when i started using it with BP...it was okay...but few *months* (4 i guess) later i started getting rashes and it got itchy...not sure why...but stopped using it after that... anyway just my exp...worked well for many!
  7. hey there gingergirl22... i do the exact reverse thing (before bed)...as in shower...acv...tto...but then...infact initially i used to just shower and then apply acv...then i got hold of some tto...used it for a while...dint find it to be effective and was hard to find it in stores and was quite expensive (not as expensive as the products i used to use earlier...but compared to ACV (heinz) )... and it is pretty good...it is quite slow in my case...but nothing else worked so...continuing with t
  8. hey there once again....just a small word of caution from personal exp to ppl who are planning to try ACV... i have red marks from acne on my back shoulders and forearms...read this thread and i got myself a bottle of ACV (heinz) and started using it less than a week after reading this....it has been a little over 2 weeks now and 1. yep it seems to work....(will post more on results later).... 2. stinks really bad...and 3.hard to apply, as it is like water and it drips...making you feel sloppy.
  9. i have got lots of red scars from acne....now acne is under control i am using ACV now and i want to know how should it be applied?...i mean it is not like a gel or cream...like the ones that i have used in the past...it drips after i apply...so once it is dry....do i need to re apply just to make sure?
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar....my current hope !!! :D

  11. same here....another asian indian here and avoiding rice leaves hardly any options... i ve got into researching mode as well and one thing that am very sure... atleast in my case is that ...SLEEEP...no late nights... reallly try to get atleast 6.5 to 7 hours each day...and not to stress myself at work too much... this really works....i used to get 4-5 hrs each day earlier and i can clearly see why no treatment worked for me... and @overfl00d what exaclty did you eat...as in which vegetables?any
  12. Hey ppl! I have acne on my chest,back,shoulders and forearms.My acne was very bad before i started the regimen. This is my log 5th Nov,07 - 24th Jan,08 ---- Only BP 2.5% I started with once a day in the first week and twice later on.I dint experience any burning after applying so i dint continue to apply moisturizer after the first few days.i dint use glycolic acid because i couldn't find the name of the product. I had very good effects after the first few days,but later on there was no i