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  1. lol, i just remember you from the gallery, you always posted nice things for everyone, so i was looking at some pics and saw your reply and thought i'd say hi, dont freak out :P

  2. WOW! I stumbled across this site in my bookmarks and have been reading over my old accutane log. Absolutely insane. People, the time where acne was a point of concern in my life gone. I don't think about it at all anymore, and my skin is perfect. I still have to wash it, and sometimes i get a pimple here or there but it is nothing. I am now almost 26 years old, and living between Miami florida and Los Angeles as a producer and editor in the film industry. I'm not sure where my career or life wou
  3. still around, no acne, face looks great, from time to time i still have a bit of dryness though strangely, but i moisturize and it goes away. hope everyone is doing ok.
  4. ACCUTANE HAS CURED MY ACNE. Normally id be afraid of jinxing it but ive been off the tane for almost a year now and get no more pimples. I hope all you present and future accutane users have the same success!
  5. face is great, just keeps getting better and better, i think it might be safe to say accutane cured my acne. just got back from a month trip to new york city and the east coast, i washed my face probably 4 or 5 times, not one pimple
  6. SO A SMALL UPDATE... almost a year later? i think? and my face is still clear. i still get some pimples if im lazy but washing my face twice a day is enough to keep it clear. wow its actually more than a year later! i thought my first pill was in may not march hahahah wow
  7. Hello beautiful people, so im at about the 6 month mark of being off accutane now? Here's my deal after 6 months: acne on forehead and back disappearead completely and never came back About a month ago I started to get small razor bumps from wreckless shaving, I have had to be more careful in my shaving habits Every now and then I get small barely visisble bumps on certain parts of my cheeks but they are so small I can only feel them and not see them at all. The most ive had on my face at
  8. still clear, no acne on my face at all right now. marks are still around though, i think im going to start using a scrub now
  9. lifes not a bitch lifes a beautiful woman, you just call her a bitch cause she wouldnt let you get that ......
  10. if acne is affecting the way you live your life, take accutane. it can clear you up your life does NOT have to be this way...
  11. Me dude! I took accutane last May and am lookin good... best thing i ever did
  12. flushing is gone, redness is still a bit there but its mostly after I take a shower then it goes down my red marks are fading very nicely now, almost 3 months off tane. no pimples today either.