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  1. Nope, it's definitely not just the fiber. The combination of the two topicals are really what works wonders for me.
  2. Yeah, your skin gets used to the bp. Just be careful about how much you apply. For me all I use is a small blob at the end of my fingertip. Too much bp was when I could see the white paste on my face after distributing it evenly. When I do it right I just have a clear shiny layer on my face. If you keep doing too much it hurts like hell to put on your next application.
  3. Hahahaha... A website dedicated to popping zits...
  4. About a month ago a dumb coworker came up to me and said, "Dude, you're acne's killing you!" It was the first acne comment I had received in a looong time. I know he wasn't trying to be mean - he was just literally an idiot Do people think before they speak these day?
  5. Damn, I know exactly what you're going through. When my acne was at it's worst everything just irritated the hell out me. I was incredibly pissed all the time and really reserved. I became isolated and I convinced myself that I was meant to be alone. I started believing that strength lies in independence from others. I wrote long ass journal entries about how stupid people are and how much they angered me. Cynicism was all I knew because it seemed like everything good always went to shit. All m
  6. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I used to put sea salt on my face sophomore year of high school in the morning. On some days I'm sure it was pretty visible. It was also a real pain in the ass to mix it with water and apply it to my face. Don't know why I did it for so long...
  7. It's probably best to see a derm. A while back I had acne like that and I got on accutane. It worked pretty damn well for a while. My face got bad again like 5 months ago but nowhere near as bad as before. Anyway, right now I'm doing bfg's reg and it's working really well for me. If you can't see a derm I would definitely recommend trying it. I've also went the diet route before and at one point I was practically living off fruit. It sucked . Right now I still avoid anything with medium amoun
  8. Well, my face is looking really good after following the reg just like he said to. In the beginning I was using the right pills and wash but I had a hard time finding the soap (I swear wal-mart is the only place that has it) so instead I used a Neutrogena bar. The other thing is that I would only wash my face at night. It worked really well for the first week but it was all downhill from there. Anyway, now I'm that I'm following it the correct way I have almost no active acne. It's been two wee
  9. Really disappointed and let down. It really does depends on the lighting though. Bright white lights make me look horrendous.
  10. I passed up all my opportunities not only because of acne but because of work or school. It's pretty depressing seeing the pictures of your friends having a really good time. Whatever though, there's always next Halloween right?
  11. Well, I'm not terribly desperate... yet. If my acne got much worse than it is now (and believe me it used to be) there would be a lot I would be willing to sacrifice. Right now I'm just sacrificing a little money and time. We'll see how it pays off.
  12. The biggest one for me is pursuing a girlfriend. The last time I was in a relationship was when my face was clear and that wasn't even that long ago! I still wonder what triggered my acne...
  13. Well I've been on this reg for 2 weeks now. The first week on it was amazing. I thought I had finally found a solution. The thing I really noticed was the fact that it cleared all of these stupid little white bumps on my face. I would run my finger across my cheek and be able to feel them. With time they started to spread to my neck and that's when I realized I needed to try something fast. It got rid of those bumps on my neck as well. The largest white bump on my face turned into a cyst which
  14. Well, me and my ex were completely different and we lasted a year. She was outgoing and really hard working while I was more reserved and laid back. I don't think these types of relationships can last a really long time though. Sooner or later a key difference will end it. For example, religion was really important to my ex gf and I didn't really care about it. We got in a few fights over it because she really wanted to convert me. If our relationship had lasted longer I'm sure we would have bro