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  1. Hey Anna Thanks and I totally agree with the self love. I have not been real good at loving myself. I wake up and try to tell myself that this is me and I can't change it. Talking to myself too. It does seem to help! I would love to go through this with you. I am keeping a journal And I think that's helping. I've noticed that those clogged pores do either dry up or slowing snake out if I just leave them alone. I have four children and my son is starting to get some tiny pre-teen breakouts s
  2. Hi Anna! I'm struggling with the same thing. I make it to a month and then fail. I just failed two days ago. And I had made it 5 weeks! Augh! My problem is clogged pores...I hate those things and I just want them to go away so I pick and squeeze and a mess happens. ive been good about not picking at any live acne and will ocationaly pop a white head. i had a miscarriage back in October 2016 and since then my skin has been nuts. I don't think I helped much though, I tried so many remedies and was
  3. Hi! I am going through the same thing. I had just made it to a month with no picking and I failed last night. I'm starting fresh again today and going to try my hardest to make it to month two. I feel am so mad at myself, i just couldn't take it! I look like a hot mess Right now as I have scabs and red marks. I need to stop doing this! Thankfully facial skin heals quickly but the scars don't.