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  1. So I stopped using accutane 6 months ago and my skin is clear i just have some whitehead on my nose sometimes but thats not really bad , but i’m st Really scared when i want to eat something unhealthy, like today i ate a chocolate and i feel really guilty about it i’m scared that my acne would come back now that i’m off accutane So can you eat whatever you want after you off of accutane or still you need to be careful?
  2. Have you talked about it with your derm ? Because if you don’t get enough accutane unfortunately your gonna have relapse you need to consider trying lower dose in longer time i had to take 30 mg in 10 months but i stopped at 8 months i hope i won’t have relapse I stopped it because I was losing my eyebrows hair and eyelash and my acne was completely gone but I was really scared that I lose my eyebrows and hair too so it’s a week that I’m off from accutane I hope I will stop losing hair:(
  3. Maybe you don’t take enough are you on 40 mg ? Have you talked about it with your derm?
  4. Don’t worry i Stopped Breaking our after 4 months just be patient
  5. I experienced the same but don’t worry it’s gonna be alright
  6. Is it still look better after your done with accutane? Or it’s gonna come back and look like before ?
  7. I’m on accutane 30 mg for 10 months and yesterday i heard it was a doctor saying it can cause cancer and I heard so many people died from it , is that true ? i’m so Scared
  8. I’m on 30 mg a day and my wounds heals so fast it’s not effecting it and i have pierced my nose a week ago and i’m so scared I didn’t know that it can scarring and reed some scary stuff about it and i’m re Worry about it
  9. Did it leave scars or you had any problem with healing process?
  10. Oh that suprised me i feel so much better now , thanks fo you comment but i’d say eat what you want but still be careful bcs you know that kind of foods aren’t good for you , like i’m always strict and it’s not just helped me to have a clear face but also it helped me to have a good body shape
  11. Hey Guys, So I had acne for many years, it wasn't cystic acne, but I did have a lot of pimples and oily skin, specially on my cheeks and back, and they would leave red/purple marks. I started to live and eat healthy, I only drank water and I would avoid fast food/candy, milk products, oily, and spicy food and I did go to the gym and did cardio 4-5 times a week. After living healthy for 2 years I would still break out, so I got on Accutane/isotretionion, and my skin is so clear now, and I'm so ha
  12. I started to see the defrence from second week but now my skin is clear
  13. I’m on accutane for 3 mounths and it’s cleared up my skin i’m so happy everyone are complimenting that how good my skin looks and i’m really happy I don’t usually eat greasy food but last night I ate alot of chocolate and ice cream and i’m worrying about that I break out again will my acnes back again?
  14. So I started using accutane two weeks ago 10 mg in the morning and 20 mg at night and everyone told me that i will get worse in first month but it started getting better from the first week i had a new cystic acne just everyday and i’m 17 years old girl the only side effect that is bothering me is feeling tired like I can’t even wake up for school but i’m so happy with my skin