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  1. i crossed a few scars several months ago. one is a quite wide rolling scar. i hit that one twice, but still only touched the center of the scar.. well the center seems to have filled in pretty much. looks like a cirkel scar around it now, up close anyways, from a distans it still looks like a rolling scar. last week i crossed it again, on one side, dont now if i hit the edges or not. waiting to see what happens. *fingers crossed* yeah, and the other few scars i did last time- no change. but i t
  2. http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4057/no...skroll00mu3.jpg well, after seeing this, i´m not sure if i should keep on using it. where did you buy your ceasar2?
  3. GD2007, do you think im messing up using the dermaroller every day? thanks
  4. i'm confused because i bought a 0,75 mm dermaroller, and they say its for everyday use. do you think im messing up if i do that? because i dont understand the difference, especially if you dont even use a needling, and causing it to bleed
  5. tretinoin and dermaroller. thats what im hoping for anyway
  6. i got my roller last week, and i´ve used twice. i think it hurts quite alot, and i do bleed. my face is still a bit red in the next day, and i can definatly see that that topicals is better absorbed, i use tretinoin, i my face became much much drier after the rolling. kind of like when i started using the cream, 1½ year ago. i felt a bit crazy too, doing this to myself, standing there making my face all red and bleedy, but at the same time i guess it woudnt help much if it didnt
  7. i would say dermaroller first. but do a series of dermaroller first, and when youre finished fraxel. not to alternate them. but thats only my guess
  8. fang reading your posts, it seems like your all over the place, recommending clearskincares different products
  9. how do you store your dermarollers? sounds like there is an infection risk. i think it sounds like its worth a try, ive seen improvements on my with tretionin. maybe not as much on the scarring, but all in all my skin looks alot better. im 25 so i dont have much wrinkles, but the ones i had on my forehead has almost disapeared!
  10. the .75 rollers, do you use it every day? can you use it before putting on retinoids?