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  1. Yeah man, ima dude to and im still gonna say your a good lookin dude, im not being weird its just the truth. I feel ya ya bro, i have chest acne and it sucks to boot! Takes your confidence and shreds it to pieces for real. Other than the scar it looks like you have everything else under control. Im sure those scars will get a lil better than they are now, maybe change a closer color to your skin would be nice, i only hope for the best for you! I know having body acne blows! Good Luck to you man
  2. Just wanting to know if anyone has tried it with any success...Thanks
  3. Does anyone know of any body washes that would help people with acne but also have sensitive skin? Seems like everything i try gives me lil red bumps on my arms and chest.
  4. Thank You for the reply...i went and bought it and the smell is nice like you say!
  5. Has anyone tried the Oxy Bar Soap Extreme Alpine? Suppose to be for the body i guess. Saw some good reviews on it. Just wondering if anyone has used it and what it is like.
  6. Well i was just wondering about using the pump version of purpose on the body because some people use the bar version on the body. I tried the bar on the face but it left it to dry and rough...the pump version doesn't and has helped alot. So i guess trying it wouldn't hurt. Was just wondering if any else had tried a face cleanser for the body or not...or if it would be a good idea to try or not.
  7. Thank you very much for the reply and i will def look at what you said. I have been looking for a nice moisturizer also. Thanks. Do you know if it would be a good idea to use with purpose or what you recommended on the body for body acne at all?
  8. I have recently tried purpose gentle cleansing face wash (the kind in the pump) not the bar. Well anyway... i was wondering since see good results on the face with it. would it be a good idea to try it on the body for body acne? Just a thought...
  9. Could try Cerave Lotion. You can get it off Drugstore.com, i have heard good things about it. Look into that.
  10. Well it's not really all together bumps and they dont really itch, they just are small like acne bumps up and down my arm and some on my shoulders. They come and go, but id like them to go for good :P
  11. I get these red like dots on my arm and shoulders alot...it's like clogged pores it appears, but they are small and dont get very big but there are several of them. Anyone got any advice on what i could use to get rid of these? Im sure it's acne just like clogged pores or something. Would alpha hydroxy lotion help at all? I was thinking about getting some. Thanks
  12. Well I have tried this wash for awhile. It's just ok, it will not clear up your acne all the way, least not in my case but it does help contain it. I agree it is prolly better to use this to control acne rather to get rid of it, and yes it can be a lil drying. Im currently looking for a better option that this but haven't found much yet.