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  1. That's sooo good to hear! Thank you so much!
  2. So, my skin has never scarred from acne. . .really not from anything. My body heals fast. even when I picked. But when my skin got really bad, I started wearing this sulfur mask. . .2x a day, for about a month. . .hoping to dry out all the crap. Now that I'm on spiro, I quit with all the masks. My skin has gotten better but I'm left with sooo many red marks! Is this b/c I may have burnt or irritated my skin with the products I used?? Will they scar or fade(my skin has no indentions, it's smoot
  3. I am horrible at eating healthy. I don't eat a lot, I just eat so unhealthy! I really want to start eating better. Is it a good idea to do a one or two week master cleanse to flush out toxins in the body and start from scratch? Slowly adding in fruits and veggies? Resulting in a healthy diet. My thinking is. . .the Master Cleanse gives so much energy and also immediate weight loss results. I feel like that would be a lot of inspiration to eat healthy!
  4. What is your beauty item, asset enhancer, or secret weapon that always gets you noticed more, makes you feel sexy, gets most comliments or is just all out fantastic!? For me, it's a great perfume (Vera Wang Princess) , Bridget Bardot hair (big curls, lots of volume and shine), thick long lashes (Thankyou L'OREAL Voluminous mascara and occasionally a set of falsies), and a smile! I also love to pull out the red lipstick, my curly clip-in hair extensions and pair it with something very casual
  5. Well, I am only perscribed 50mgs. . .and I wasnt really noticing any effect or any side effects so I decided to take 100mgs on my own (worked great) and that's why I ran out!
  6. I cant refill my Spiro perscription for 2 weeks!!! It's been working great for me so far. . .Will 2 weeks without it mess me up?? Will it take longer for it to completely clear me up once I start back? Will I start breaking out more??