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  1. I find that if I pick at my acne, the basking soda stings like an open wound. Other than that, are you using it as a mask?
  2. Day 3 (06/11/080: My forehead is still plagued with the small zits, and two have come to head. I can feel many that have become hard--probably as a result of drying them out with baking soda--about the hardness of a scab that I could pick off easily. But I won't, because I'm on a mission not to pick. I've gotten two new red spots on my chin. Hopefully they will run their course soon.
  3. Okay, well my senior year f high school just ended--finals, prom, graduation--you can imagine the stress right? And to make matters worse, I've been reading around that your face can get addicted to the harsh chemicals like benzyol peroxide, etc. So. I decided to go off everything. I've never had skin this bad. Ever. I feel a little sorry for my boyfriend, who now has to deal with a horrible-looking girlfriend (lol?). Anyway, I'm going to continue with this gentle thing for a while. I've found
  4. So I've only been on the Regimen for a few days, but this just seems odd to me. I'll splash my face with water a few times, or wash it in he shower, and use the Cetaphil cleanser. Then I'll wait maybe 5 or 10 minutes--it doesn't take long for my face to "dry", I can begin to feel it--and add the BP. The BP feels like a mask or something, because it's tightening. So I try not to let my face really dry out after that, and add the Cetaphil moisturizer (it's just the normal stuff). It has the usua