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  1. Hi Podo, Did what Aussie suggest work for you? The antifungal treatment
  2. Bump. This is happening to me now. I am 2 weeks post accutane and getting weird small bumps all over my face. They are like very tiny pimples you can see in certain light...shit is annoying.
  3. Hey JPablo! Hope all is well with you. The acne that you are getting, is it cystic? Also, did the redness (flushing of face) from when you were on accutane go away? Are you still experiencing any side effects since you been off the medicine? I am on my last month (8th) and still get small blemishes...they are pimples but like the beginnings of pimples that never raise...hard to explain. Im afraid that since im not totally clear, the acne will just come back, but I have my finge
  4. It took me 5 months to START to see results. It is not uncommon to see results late in the treatment.
  5. Well i had a breakout when i upped my dosage from last month but so far no huge breakout... I am still getting new spots, so I do no classify that as clearing. I am still hewling from my prior breakout.
  6. Yea, I am on accutane now. I started at 20mgs a day for the first 3 months and then on my 4th i upped to 60mgs and my 5th month starts today. I think i habe about 4 or 5 more months of treatment before i am done - not sure...i am actually in my docs office right now and will ask her.
  7. Hey Troy, just tell yourself that you wont clear up until the end of your treatment, that way you wont be disappointed if you get a new spot here or there. I too was like you and i would condtantly get disappointed each time i saw a new spot. Now i just tell myself Im not going to clear up until the end of my treatment and when i do see new spots its not as frustrating as before. then, if you do clear up before the end of your treatment, you can be happg that it happened sooner than what you e
  8. Yes, you can switch derms at any timr during your treatment. I am actually going to do the same thing and thr new derm told me that i need all accutane paperwork from the old derm, your latest blood test results and you need to go into ipledge to change your prescriber to the new derm. Thats pretty much it
  9. Hey Andy, thanks for sharing your treatment experience. I am also a 30 year old male and on my 4th month of accutane and so far no results, just worsening skin since day one unfortunately. how are you doing so far?
  10. Hi Tomh, I am also a male in his 30s dealing with this damn disease known as acne. I am 4 1/2 months into treatment and unfortunately still no results and still breaking out, which is a horrible feeling. I wish you much more success than what I am currently experiencing and thanks for posting your experience on your treatment. Its reassuring to know that Im not the onlg 30+ year old male still dealing with acne, but i hope we both clear up quick!
  11. Im ok, but im still breaking out. Im 4 1/2 months in and still no results as of yet. Im kind of losing hope and might just stop taking accutane because I feel like this is just making my skin worse. I looked at a picture when i first started compared to now and i wish i had the skin i had 4 1/2 months ago. My derm raised my dosage to 60mgs so im no longer on the low dose route... how have u been?
  12. Hi rileytime, i would suggest you make an account on reddit and join the skincareaddiction subreddit group. There have been alot of folks who have received help from that reddit group and alot of folks are helpful as well. If you do post on there, include pictures so the individuals in that group can give you better advice on what to do. I think the complete URL to that group is www.reddit.com/r/skincareaddiction also, you could try taking your son to an LICENSED master esthetician who is ve
  13. Are you the one who wants to keep it at 20mgs for the whole treatment or was it your doctor that recommended it? I stayed at 20mgs for 3 months, but since i didnt see any results, my doctor raised the dose to 60 and now I am waiting to see what happens. What is the severity of your acne? how have you coped with having acne for so long? Especially at work and stuff like that...just curious as its rare to talk to other folks who have had acne as long as me and are male