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  1. i still get it too. wheather on tane or not. damn..
  2. Day 13 Here's an update, I just finish my shift duty. Had my bath and breakfast, then popped another 30mg as usual. Left side of my face seems to be healing faster then my right, seems like the bumps on my cheeks have flattened. But now i see scars . Oil has also been quite an improvement. I've noticed that at the end of the day, my skin does not produce as much as what i used to get. Lips are now uber uber dry. I cannot go without my lip bum now. Itchy scalp still persists, but
  3. Day 9 It seems like lots of dry skin around my face. Things also seems to fall off more easily. Pimples dry up, whiteheads drop when i wash my face. Lots of red marks on my face. Minor scars are visible too. Still have some breakouts but overall everything seems to be improving!
  4. Day 7 Today have been real bad, my nose bleeds are becoming more intense, is this normal? Is there anything i can do to stop the nose bleeds? Seems like evertime i pick my nose it bleeds. But if i don't pick, it feels uncomfortable. As for the other side effects, nothing much. acne seems to have become smaller, but still visible. Skin becomes flaky & dry, Should i moisturize? Or should i leave it as it is? Scalp seems to become a little itchy too. Normal? But no hair loss so far. Oil on m
  5. Day 5 Starting to experience some dry lips & flaking of the skin after i have my shower & wash my face. Also i see alot of white heads on my pimples. Is the the IB? But still, my skin still gets oily after like 2 hrs or so. Is this normal for the initial stage of the medicine? Oratane/Accutane/Isotrention users can pls enlighten me on this? Thanks On 30mg after food in the mornings only. Oh Yah. One more thing, Should i exercise anot? Because i love to jog & do some weights, Is it
  6. Day 1 OK, decided to post this cuz my eyes felt real dry on the first night. I've got a really bad disturbance from my slp. Halfway thru-out, i was rudely awaken by the painfulness of my really dry eyes. Applied some eye drops, seems to be working well. It almost felt like my eyes were going without tears! Oh Yah btw. I'm on oratane? 30mg only in the mornings after food. Just started the course today. Doctor only gave me 1 mth's supply, & told me to come back for another check up in anot
  7. Don't really know about you guys, but i just got myself a bragg's ACV, don't really taste that bad? Don't smell bad either, maybe its just me
  8. Up for this thread. I seem to see some improvement on my acne after following some of the anti-candida diet. Hope the progress will improve soon. I apply castor oil at night. Seems to help. . I've stopped taking the anti-biotics doc has prescribed. Into probiotics now. Having Yitagen instead of yakult
  9. These are my latest photos. Took them after a shower. While washing, the bumps feels itchy & pain. The ones on my lower jaw bone seems to be the worst & most painful. Left side lower jaw bone Right side lower jaw bone Still sticking to what the doc prescribed. One tablet in the morning & one tab at night. Cotrimoxazole 480mg. Stieva-A 0.025% at night only. Have been on that for only 4 days tho. On the 15th will be going for my bloodtest to see if i'm suitable for tane. Hope ev
  10. Hello. Here's the update. Doc prescribed me with another type of antibiotics named Contrimoxazole? Its a 480mg tab. And then i told him that the night cream is not useful so he gave me a stronger one, Its now the same brand but of different percentage. I find it quite lame. Told him about accutane, he handed me a pamphlet & told me to read it thru. Den he scheduled me for a blood test in a weeks time. Hope everything turns out fine. Is the antibiotic that the doc gave me useful?