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  1. I can completely understand what you are going through. I am now 30 and still struggling with my skin. The only thing that has ever helped with my acne is birth control pills. You might consider getting on them.
  2. I can definitely relate. I went off birth control pills to try to get pregnant and my face really broke out. I had been on birth control pills for 6 years and had my skin relatively under control. I couldn't believe how bad my skin got after I stopped taking them. I didn't expect it. After months of frustration, I decided that I needed to go back on them again to get my skin back under control. I have been back on them 3 months now and my skin is still breaking out but is slowly getting better.
  3. I have the same problem and don't know what to do. I have tried ice, zeno, bp, you name it and nothing works. My bumps become very inflammed and are painful and like yours never come to a head and only expel oil.
  4. I can totally relate to how you feel. There are many days that I chose not to leave my house because of my depression from acne. It is so FRUSTRATING. When I do finally go out, I am constantly looking in the mirror to make sure my acne is covered with makeup . When I am in public all I can think about is how embarrased of my skin I am. I feel your pain:(
  5. I think I just did it....the dumbest thing yet. I am so depressed now and angry at myself that I just cried. I felt this cyst growing on my forehead so I got this bright idea from the Internet to apply a hot washcloth and hold it on the pimple for a few minutes. Well the water (and I used tap water) was too hot and I now have second degree burns on my forehead. The skin is completely gone and it burns. I think the skin was too sensitive since I had been applying bp to the area. The layer of skin
  6. I am 29 and just stopped birth control pills after being on them for 6 years and my acne is back and worse than ever. My husband and I are trying to conceive so I don't know what to use that is safe. Any recommendations? Is B5 safe if you become pregnant? How much are you taking to see a difference?
  7. As a last resort, I would recommend accutane for your cystic acne. I was put on a lower dose and saw sigificant results within a couple of months. Luckily, with the lower dose my side efferts were very mininal. It really slows down the oil production. Check with your dermatologist!
  8. No kidding, i'm terrified right now since I stopped taking my birth control a couple days ago.. i'm hoping that since i'm on accutane right now with another couple months left, I won't get my acne back..
  9. My story is very similar to yours. I am 29 and just went off the pill a few months ago because my husband and I are going to try to conceive. Since stopping my bc pills my skin breaks out continually and I keep getting cystic type pimples. My dermatologist isn't much help because he said the medications that I need are not safe if you are trying to conceive. Is finacea safe if you may become pregnant?
  10. I bought the Zeno and wouldn't recommend it. The zit only decreases temporarily. It has burned my face and has left red circular marks. Save your money!